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Reilly Springs News for June 29, 2011

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Another month has almost come to an end and our community is still in dire need of some rainfall. Last night the thunder rumbled and lightning danced across the skies, but we only received a few drops of rain.

Some in our community were without electricity for a period of about four hours. Another group who live over near State Highway 154 were without electricity on Monday night due to a wreck at the intersection of SH 154 and Switchboard Road. You certainly miss the A/C when the electricity goes off.

This has been a hard week. On Saturday afternoon, I received the call that Como resident Randy Caddell, had been killed in an automobile accident and that Cindy Wallace Hill had been flown to a hospital from the accident scene on County Road 2421. Both Randy and Cindy have been longtime associates. While in college, I came to Como-Pickton school to observe when they were freshman students, and returned to be their student teacher when they were sophomores. Two of the greatest kids in the world that remained dear friends as we all grew up.

I’ve received good news that Cindy “woke up” yesterday afternoon and recognized family members and friends, so hopefully she is on the road to recovery, although it will be long and trying. God has answered our prayers for Cindy.

I attended visitation last night for Randy Caddell. Randy was one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet, always putting himself before others and ever ready to help someone else. Seeing the video of photos that had been assembled made for a trip down memory lane. We saw photos of him during his high school years, and then all the photos of his three sons as they were born, started to school, went on hunting trips, fished in the lakes and streams, attended birthday parties and played with my own nieces and nephews. This is extending sincere sympathy to Jeffery, Ryan, and Reece, Glenna and Jerry Bob, and the entire Caddell family.

I know it is only a part of life that you’re going to lose those that you care about and share so many memories with, but it’s never easy, and it leaves a void in your life that makes the hope of heaven even a more reality to reunite once again. Randy Caddell will be truly missed.

I heard from Vera Harrington this week, and she was “on a high.” She’d received a weekend visit from Mary, Elizabeth, Caroline and Charlotte. And, oh, Elizabeth brought a friend, too. Charlotte explained, “He’s not her boyfriend. He’s just a friend and happens to be a boy.”

The girls rode four-wheelers all over Vera’s farm, but Vera swears that she didn’t participate. However, when we know that she rode in a hot air balloon a couple of weeks ago, one really wonders if she wasn’t riding four-wheelers, too. If you see her with a limp in her walk, you’ll know the reason.

Vera reminded everyone to keep praying for rain. “I can’t remember it being this dry at the end of June or first of July,” Vera said. “We’ve still got at least 60 to 70 days of hot and dry weather ahead if we don’t receive any moisture. It’s going to seem like 10 years without any rain.”

I also was in attendance at the Clara Bridges 90+ Banquet on Saturday, where residents of Hopkins County over 90 years of age were honored. Top honors went to Mrs. Corine Snow, who is 106 years old. “Miss Corine” was accompanied by three generations of her family and seemed to have a wonderful time. Also recognized were Mrs. Elizabeth Young and Mrs. Merle White, who were reared in the Reilly Springs community, along withmany other acquaintances of mine. Congratulations to all — you are truly “angels among us.”

A couple of weeks ago when I listed the Texas State Champion Homemade Ice Cream Freeze-Off winners I left out Lucy Walters. Lucy won in the “Little Dip” category and most likely has been using her skills to “beat the heat” this summer on their farm in Reilly Springs. Ol’ Mack and Carla are enjoying the spoils.

The Fisher family members are all busy at home this week. Marilee has been making pickles and reported that they have a few extra cucumbers if anyone needs them.

“We want to apologize to everyone about the purple-hull and cream peas this year, but the weather just didn’t allow us to get any up,” Marilee said. “It was too dry, so we’re going to have to wait until next year.”

Meanwhile, Kendra Fisher is continuing to work on her master’s degree and is making a number of trips to Commerce as she hopes to be finished by summer’s end.

Jan, David and Michael Lawrence are all visitors to Hopkins County this week as they were here to attend the funeral of Randy Caddell today. David had also taken his mother, Jann Lawrence, to Houston for her weekly chemo treatment Sunday and Monday. Continue to remember Jann in your thoughts and prayers.

Michael was to meet Jandi and the kids Wednesday night in the Metroplex to enjoy some family time with Darrin DeWitt.

I also saw Kyle and Misty Koon this week as well as Kody and Breanna. They were all looking forward to a big 4th of July weekend. Kody said he hoped that Kyle would get the air conditioning going in his truck over the weekend as he was “tired of rolling down the window on the way to work” in Greenville. Did you hear that, Kyle? Get out the wrenches this weekend. Hint. Hint.

Kody and Kyle reported that Sheila Koon was doing much better and had graduated out of her leg cast and was walking now following her recent surgery. At least she isn’t still on the scooter, they said.

They also reported that Brody Koon is still recuperating from his recent stroke and doing much better, although he is having to stay inside out of the heat.

Until next week, enjoy the 4th of July weekend, stay safe and pray for us some much-needed rain. Remember our troops as you celebrate our nation’s birth and ask for them an extra measure of safety and safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America. Happy 4th of July!




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