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There's something good here . . .

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There’s something good here . . .
A couple of people who frequent the forum (discussion board) at our website, www.mySSnews.com, have suggested items for the column. It’s great to be able to share the good things. Please feel free to post your suggestions on the forum (under general discussion) or e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


There’s something good here . . .

SmallTownGal posted the following:

I want to acknowledge someone but I don't know his name. He lives on the corner of Bill Bradford Road and Lemon Drive.

I think it's a little red brick house.

Anyway, almost every day he sits in his driveway and he waves at almost everyone who drives by. I've made it a point to wave at him every time I drive by his house and I'm sure that my smile is just as big as his. There have been many days where I've just had a horrible day, for one reason or another, and when I see him my day gets better.

There was a week where he wasn't outside and I really missed his wave and smile.

I know he's just one man in a town of many, but there's no telling how many people he's made happy by just a single wave.

There’s something good here . . .

Kat2jab posted the following:

How about Officer Glenn on the SSPD? [He’s] friendly while patrolling Church Street, watching out for inconsiderate drivers who buzz through Lamar school area during school hours. Also, he has been a big help on keeping big trucks off the square.


There’s something good here . . .

Last week, I mentioned going to meet Kirby Prickett, the man who called me two years ago after reading one of my posts on the Korean War Education Project website.

I said that Kirby was a young Air Force policeman who happened to be at Tachikawa Air Base in Korea the day my father was killed in June of 1953.

A nice man called earlier this week to remind me that Tachikawa is in Japan, on the west side of Toyko.

Of course, I knew that. My fingers must have been working quicker than my brain last Friday.


There’s something good here . . .

I had a nice visit with Bailee Petty, this year’s Hopkins County Dairy Festival Queen.

Bailee impressed me with the speech she made during evening gown competition last year. She spoke about how Hopkins County will always be home. Although she’ll be attending Southern Methodist University in the fall and has plans to earn a law degree, she plans to return and eventually run for public office. This is good news for us and great news for the political world, which needs a serious shot of Bailee’s brand of integrity and values.


There’s something good here . . .
A two-week event like the 52nd Hopkins County Dairy Festival doesn’t just happen overnight. The board has been working since last August to bring this year’s festivities to life. Take a minute to thank them for their dedication and commitment to excellence. 

There’s something good here . . .
The Rotary Club awarded money to several charities this week, the proceeds coming from their annual Spelling Bee. Stop and think about all the civic organizations whose mission is to enrich our lives. Life is sweet in a small town, isn’t it?
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Something Good
written by a guest , June 10, 2011
Good column. Make sure you keep it going! smilies/grin.gif

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