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It’s hot and dry in Reilly Springs — That’s the sentiments of everyone this week. Our community just received a few sprinkles of rain over the weekend and certainly needs some more.

Most community gardeners are already watering their gardens to keep them alive. I did hear from one gardener who had already picked a number of squash canned 25 quarts of green beans and was headed to the garden again,” related the gardener.

Another local gardener reported some “really nice” squash.

I caught Jerry Brown in his blackberry patch this week, and he reported a really nice crop of commercially grown blackberries, too. “I’m already watering my peach trees, because of the dry weather, but the blackberries are really nice," Jerry said. “They seem to have withstood the dry weather, extremely well.”

I visited with Vera Harrington, and she related that she’s been in the hay field all week. “It’s been hot and dry,” reported Vera. “And the yields certainly aren’t anything to brag about, but with the dry weather we need to get all of the hay baled that we can, as the pastures are suffering already.”

Vera made her way to Sulphur Springs Tuesday night to attend the swearing-in ceremonies of the Sulphur Springs City Council in support of her niece, Kayla Price. Kayla had filled an unexpired term on the council, held by Chris Brown, and won her own seat in the spring elections. Congratulations to Kayla. Also, John Sellers was sworn in to his new council seat

Vera also reported that she had plans to visit with another niece this week, as Vickie Price Thomas and her two daughters are visiting in Sulphur Springs. They are guests of Bobby Price, and making sure he “stays in line.”

I heard from the Fishers this week. Bryant is in Austin with Jerry Spencer and Don Smith at the Texas Beef Council Meeting. They represent Dairy Farmers of America on the council.

Marilee was at home and contemplating her entry in the Texas  State Homemaded Ice Cream Freeze-off on Saturday. She had about decided to enter herCherry Amaretto in the contest.

Kendra Fisher is busy in school, attempting to finish up her Master’s degree this summer.

Speaking of the State Ice Cream Contest, I heard that James and Tonya Ross are planning on an entry, as well.

They also reported that they had attended a dance recital for their granddaughter, Isabella Hancock, on Sunday afternoon, and made a “family day” of the affair. Also attending were great-grandmothers Delores Miller and Junell Ross. Lacey and Slayton McClendon also attended.

The six Hopkins County Dairy Festival Queen candidates came to the Reilly Springs Community this week, accompanied by 2010 Queen Bailee Petty. They came to the Fisher’s Dairy Farm to learn how to milk a cow. Word is that we have some good milkers this year for the Milking Contest, on Saturday afternoon, to “see them in action.”

“Hot and dry” is also the word from the Texas Panhandle this week. Jan Lawrence talked to Joyce McDonald and related that the “dust” is awful and that they are feeding cattle more often so as to keep the dust from ruining the quality of the feed. “And, we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that someone doesn’t start a wildfire, like they have in New Mexico and Arizona,” related Jan. “Things are so dry that it would only take a spark to burn the entire country up.”

The good news this week is that Brodie Koon is home from rehab and doing well, following his recent illness. Give Mary a call to monitor his progress.

Until next week, stay cool and remember our troops who defend our freedoms. Ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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