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Home Reviews Movie Reviews ‘X-Men: First Class’ offers nothing special

‘X-Men: First Class’ offers nothing special

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One and two hit wonders refuse to die, especially in Hollywood.

For example, rottentoma-toes.com gave the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” a rating of almost 80 percent.

The second movie’s rating dropped to 54 percent and the third only received a rating of 45 percent. The newest movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” which was released this summer, received the lowest rating of all, 33 percent.

The X-Men franchise has faced a similar fate.

It began with two well-received movies, but barely received a 50 percent rating when “X-Men: The Last Stand” was released. The first “X-Men Origins” spinoff did even worse, even though it focused on the franchise’s most popular character, Wolverine.

There was little reason to hope “X-Men: First Class” would do better, yet it has.

The fifth X-Men movie has managed to captivate almost nine of every 10 critics, despite Wolverine (Hugh Jackman’s) limited time on screen.             The movie takes place decades before the X-Men trilogy and allows viewers to watch the lives of young Charles Xavier (Dr. X) played by James McAvoy and Laurence Belcher, Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) played by Michael Fassbender and Bill Milner, Raven (Mystique) played by Jennifer Lawrence, and Hank McCoy (Beast) played by Nicholas Hoult as their circumstances turn them into the characters revealed in the X-Men trilogy.

New mutants are also introduced as Xavier and Lehnsherr work with the CIA to stop mutant Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), who begins the Cuban Missile Crisis in an attempt to incite World War III and end the human race.

The movie is full of fights and awesome mutant powers. It also has enough humor and romance to keep the plot line light and interesting. The dialogue is engaging and the acting is impressive. The plot also changes the minds of viewers, who may find they side with the “bad guy” the next time they watch the X-Men trilogy, due to the pompous and cocky attitude of young Xavier.

However, the movie does have its share of problems. The two hours and 11 minute run time makes the movie a little too long and may put some viewers to sleep.

Some of the character changes are also hard to believe as viewers are introduced to the annoying Xavier, who grows up to be the wise teacher, and the caring Magneto who will later abandon Mystique to the people he hates.

Overall “X-Men: First Class” is a good movie, but unlike its mutant stars, the fifth X-Men installment is nothing special.

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