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'Stop the whole world from turning into a monster, and eating us alive'

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It’s always disheartening to hear about changes to a favorite band, and when the changes involved the original members fans become even more apprehensive about the future.

So, when Zac and Josh Farro announced their split from the band several months back, it made me very sad. The brothers who founded the group bowed out for other endeavors, opting to part ways with the rest of the crew who helped rock Paramore to stardom.

There were rumors — when aren’t there when a hot group splits? Many not so flattering toward lead singer Hayley Williams and execs running the show. But through it all, until more recently, Williams, Taylor York and Jeremy Davis kept their cool and didn’t respond in any negative manner to the many questions and accusations that Paramore had become the “Hayley” show. And the Farrows initially said they wanted to go in a different directions.

More recently, the older Farro’s web posts and videos haven’t been quite so polite. But, they’re moving on with different groups, trying their own thing ... so why be so negative? They wanted out, so why hate on the ever-rocketing group as they tour the world over and put out their newest offering, a song for the soundtrack of the new Transformers movie.

I find it appropriate that Paramore should choose to put their first release after the latest split on a soundtrack for the big screen. A few years back, the group had a small loyal following, but hadn’t quite “made it.” Then, “Decode” made it on the Twilight soundtrack and Paramore was suddenly on everyone’s radar. (I’ll admit, I had heard of but didn’t know Paramore at that point. The name alone had me scratching my head, and raising my brow in question.)

So why not introduce their latest offering featuring the Farro-less sound on a big movie soundtrack guaranteed to garner attention. I was apprehensive, but after viewing recent video clips was hopeful. After it was announced Paramore was going to be on the Transformers Dark of the Moon soundtrack, I decided I wanted to hear it. After all, if I didn’t like it, I still had three full albums, “Decode” and Hayley’s other releases to console me.

When coworker Luis Noble  (also a fan) and I checked earlier today, we found the song had been posted. So we eagerly listened. He instantly was sold. After clicking on a better version, I have to agree, it’s not bad.

No doubt about it, “Monster” definitely has the Paramore stamp. It has that trademark sound that lets you know from the first few notes that you are listening to Paramore. While not as dramatic as “Decode,” I think I’ll be adding “Monster” to my collection.

And, if some of the other artists listed on the Dark of the Moon soundtrack live up to their potential, the movie will have great tunes if nothing else. (I’m so over the whole 3D thing, so the idea of an already enhanced movie just seems like so much overkill to me. Everything DOES NOT have to be in 3D make it worthwhile. But, maybe Dark of the Moon will be the exception rather than the rule. Bay has done wonders before and we know Cameron’s dedication to the art. I’m not holding my breath.)

So go online and check out “Monster,” or better yet get the soundtrack when it comes out June 14. Surprise me and tell me how worth it the 3D experience is during Transformers: Dark of the Moon when it hits theaters June 29.

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