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Home Blogs From the Press Box These Mavs are something special

These Mavs are something special

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These Mavs are something special

The Monday night miracle melted my doubts about this year's Mavs.
Any team which can come back from 15 points down in the fourth quarter is less than five minutes is riding a perfect storm.
And it worked.
The 17-2 run keyed by 12 from the big German turned a once close series into something the Mavs can almost taste. Experts tell me
that 96 percent of the time, when teams have a 3-1 lead in a playoff series they win it.
So maybe the Mavs can do it and chase away old demons.
I have to admit I did not watch all of the comeback. The Mavs had irritated me early in the night and chose to watch the Rangers since the hoop boys were getting dominated by Oklahoma City.
My daughter kept urging me to "check on the Mavs, check on the Mavs!' so I did and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a serious comeback. The game might have been in Oklahoma, but with about 2 or 3 minutes left, the Mavs had the momentum, but still not the lead. But everything was falling into place, it was amazing to watch. The loose balls went to the Mavs, the rebounds they were missing eariier, we now landing in their hands. They were hustling and believing and Nowitzki was hitting shots falling down, one-legged with a guy hanging on him like a cheap suit. So then the Mavs kept coming and kept coming and finally forced overtime. Once it went to OT the game belonged to Dallas. You could tell it by the body language of the young Thunder players. Then it was a boom and a score and lead was no more and soon the Mavs were soaring like Jet Terry and had won the game. Now they are just one step away from the finals.
They are no longer the one and done Mavs. They have me up and yelling.
The one thing the 2011 Mavs can't do now is let up. Not one bit. They have to smell blood and grab OKC by the throat and end it.
No time for being nice just because you have the lead. That did not work back in the horrible finals against Miami several years back.
But like I said, these Mavs are something special. I got a real good feeling about this team.

THe Mavs need to clinch and rest for a few days. It worked last time. Let Miami and Chicago beat on each other for a while.

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