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Who is Carrie dating now?

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I don't know which Carrie Underwood has had more of: Billboard hits or boyfriends! And of course she had to start 2009 off with a new one. 



Jan 2009- present: Mike Fisher, Ottawa Senators hockey player. ( Watch out Mike...  Tony Romo may be ratting you out for taking his sloppy seconds.)



October 2008: Travis Stork, former "The Bachelor- Paris" and medical expert


 for the daytime medical-hit show, "The Doctors". 

 (Personally this is the best match for Carrie, I love Travis.) 


michaelphelpsAugust 2008: Michael Phelps, Olympic Gold Medalist ( I haven't seen any photos of them together and he is just gross) Yuck!!


              Are you noticing a trend of 2-3 months relationships??


Summer 2008: Ryan O'Nan, met Carrie thru his employer Keith Urban

 2007-2008: Chace Crawford, actor on Gossip Girls


2007: Oliver Trevena, british singer that was the rebound boyfriend after Tony Romo. Poor guy.tony-romo-us-open


2006-2007: Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys Quarterback ( We all know about this relationship and are tired of hearing about it)


2005-2006: Chad Eagleton, Northeastern State University Student


I guess she ran out of guys in the U.S. and now having to date a Canadian. Who will be next?  Send me comments and let me know who you think Carrie will date next.






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Taylor Swift
written by a guest , October 15, 2009
Taylor Swift is crazy
written by Kristi Hayes , January 14, 2009
Taylor Swift could be worse, she could be like Lindsey Lohan or Miley Cyrus.
written by PJ , January 14, 2009
Taylor Swift is just a teenager who thinks she knows the world. She is good for the teenagers but most mature people want someone like Carrie.
written by Kristi Hayes , January 13, 2009
I'm not hating. I love Carrie. What is so bad about Taylor Swift? I have never heard any juicy gossip about her.
written by Holly , January 13, 2009
She is blonde and gorgeous, I'm thinking Hugh Hefner might be interested.
written by Pamela Johnson , January 13, 2009
I think she is too busy to being dating anyone. Why are you Hating!!! She is so talented. Not like Jessica Simpson or Taylor Swift.
written by jbourne , January 13, 2009
how about me?? smilies/grin.gif

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