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Phins UP ... it's BuffettTime

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Okay, parrotheads. It's time to party with a purpose. Jimmy's back on the road ... he's coming to Dallas (Frisco) on Saturday, May 21 on the Fin Land Tour. I've been a Buffett fan since college ... I got to hang out with him, Jerry Jeff Walker and Willis Alan Ramsey when they were playing bars up and down Greenville Avenue. Not that they would remember me, but I sure have great memories.

This will be the fifth year for the Frisco Feeding Frenzy at Pizza Hut Park ... so far, they're about 300 parrotheads already signed up for a couple of days of parties and tailgating ...

I raised my son on Buffett music. He could do "God's Own Drunk" when he was five. He didn't know what the words meant, but he liked to make my mother blush. I took him to his first Buffett show when he was 12. We've had a date to see Jimmy ever since ... he's coming home from Tennessee to join me in Frisco.

Parrotheads don't just party. They party with a purpose. The Frisco Feeding Frenzy group has raised over $50K for charity. Amazing.

Here's a glossary of terms you'll need if you go to a Buffett show. I'll add more as I think of them.

Parrothead - a Jimmy Buffett phan

Phan, Phun, Phlour, Phresh - If a word begins with an "F," substitute a Ph ... and imagine what happens when you send two entire cookbooks - PHruitcakes in the Kitchen, Volumes I and II to be specific - to the cookbook company. It crashes their spellcheck system.

Phlocking - a gathering of parrotheads. It can be organized or spontaneous.

Keet - Child of parrotheads

SYKBH - Songs You Know By Heart (a/k/a The Yellow Album) - the bane of a parrothead's existence and the album that all once-a-year concert goers have in their collection

Yellow Stars - What you see girls wearing the parking lot - with not much else.

HOG - Hot Old Guy

Phins Up - Like thumbs up

Phin Power - Good thoughts

A permanent reminder of a temporary pheeling - a tattoo

I've got to fly to St. Somewhere - Cabin fever

Doing the Duval Crawl - Having too much to drink in Key West (Duval is one of the main streets in the city ... the original Margaritaville is on Duval)

The National Anthem - Margaritaville - with the lost verse

The Coral Reefers - Jimmy's back up band

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