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Reilly Springs News for April 13, 2011

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Last week I “drug out” my shorts, thinking that warm weather was here to stay, but it’s still been cool a couple of mornings this week. Maybe it is going to be cool until Easter, regardless of how late it is this year.

I’ve enjoyed getting out and taking a few early morning pictures this week with the fog and the haze that is rising from the lakes and farm ponds from the heat that is generated during the day. There’s some beautiful scenery if you get up early and go out and enjoy it.

I saw Bryant, Blake and Kendra, and J.R. and Vanessa Fisher at Saturday’s Farm Country Inc. Cook-out. They reported being busy with all of the springtime duties on the farm in-between bites of some really good food. Billy Wayne Frazier and his cooks did an outstanding job of Saturday’s event. The food was wonderful.

Bryant reported that he’s still working on getting all of his milking equipment installed for the goats. He does have enough installed that he isn’t having to hand-milk all of those goats (I knew that wasn’t going to last very long). Meanwhile, he allowed that it seemed that every time he looked in the pasture they had another goat freshening. Folks, there’s going to be some mighty good goat cheese before too long.

Blake and J.R. are attempting to wind down the wild hog processing and looking toward getting all of their spring vegetables planted and some ground ready for planting peas and other produce.

Meanwhile, they reported that Marilee has been down in her back and missed all the fun this week. Do I smell a rat here somewhere — It sounds mighty convenient to me.

The Fishers also reported receiving 1/2 to 3/4 inches of rain as the storms moved through Hopkins County early Monday morning. Several in our community reported being out of electricity for a while as a result of the thunderstorms.

Vera Harrington seems to have been affected by the thunderstorms the most. She reported that she received a call from her daughter, Mary, in Waxahachie on Monday, and a huge tree from her front yard had been blown onto her house. Waxahachie reported over 100 mph winds with the storm system as it moved through their area. Vera heard the reports from Elizabeth, Caroline and Charlotte as they were having their pictures made for Channel 8 News. Of course, they were excited. However, it was Mary that was dealing with the insurance adjusters and wasn’t quite as excited as her girls.

Meanwhile, Vera volunteered to bring a chain saw and some help if it was needed. Last report she was on standby if Mary couldn’t find someone locally to saw up the tree.

Speaking of high winds in Waxahachie, little Charlotte solved her mystery of the “turtle shell.” She’d begged Grandma Vera to find her a turtle shell in Reilly Springs. Well, you know the extremes that a grandma on a mission can go to. Vera searched until she found Charlotte a turtle shell, and promptly delivered it a few weeks ago. Charlotte was the hero in her classroom. However, the turtle shell went missing a few days later from the yard. Charlotte thought someone had taken it and even posted a sign in the yard for a reward for finding the shell. Well, it seems the wind blew the shell into the bushes, and Charlotte found it this week. She’s happily reunited with her turtle shell from Reilly Springs.

Several from this community were in Sulphur Springs for visitation on Monday night for the passing of Larry DeWitt. Larry passed away on Saturday, with funeral services on Tuesday of this week. I visited with Mary and Brodie Koon for a few minutes at visitation, and, of course, visited with Weldon and Jana. They reported that Michael and Jandi Lawrence were en route from Muleshoe for the funeral. Sympathy is extended to Weldon, Wanda and the entire DeWitt family.

I also had a nice visit on Facebook this week from Cheryl McDonald Cargill. She is the daughter of Luther E. McDonald and was wanting to connect with some of her relatives in Reilly Springs. She shared some memories of coming to the Reilly Springs community when she was a child. One of those memories involved a horse that my family had named “Honey Boy.” The horse was a Shetland and was known to throw you off. Cheryl remembered him throwing her sister, Lisa, and her landing in a pile of cow manure. Isn’t it amazing the things we remember from our childhood? I don’t remember this incident, but do remember “Honey Boy” and my own set of memories about the horse that I hadn’t thought of in years.

A chance e-mail connection from the Hopkins County Genealogical Society has resulted in another series of connections to the Reilly Springs  community this week. Ronnie Carter from Houston is researching one of his relatives, Florance Morris McDonald. Florance was the wife of “Sugar John” McDonald, a brother to my great-great grandfather, Daniel N.C. McDonald, and lived in the Reilly Springs community for a number of years. Late in life, he married Florance, and they moved to her hometown of Troup. Ronnie is kin on the Morris line and has offered to share information that he has researched about this family, including a journal from the late 1800s. He is attempting to find if Florance is buried next to John in the Reilly Springs Cemetery. If she is, she doesn’t have a tombstone, so we’ll be forced to locate a “grave witcher” to find out.

Back to the present. Joyce McDonald received a call yesterday from Muleshoe from her granddaughter, Jacy Lawrence. Jacy was elated that she’d been accepted into the Dental Hygiene Program in Amarillo. She will begin the program in August and was happy to be able to start making those plans.

Jan Lawrence will be a weekend visitor in Sulphur Springs as she travels from Muleshoe to help host a wedding shower this weekend. She’s using that excuse, but it’s been a few weeks since she’s seen a certain grandbaby here in Hopkin County, so I imagine you can find her wherever Hallie is located most of the time.

Meanwhile, the schedules in Reilly Springs, are jam-packed, like everywhere else this time of the year. There is a Reilly Springs Jamboree planned for Saturday night, and Enola has advised that she has a full lineup on this month’s program. She announced the return of the young man from the Mount Vernon-Winnsboro area that entertained with the outstanding Randy Travis songs last month. Plan on coming to Reilly Springs on Saturday night for a great music program and loads of fun.

I saw several from this community on Tuesday night as they supported the members of the Sulphur Springs High School Symphonic Band at a concert in the SSHS Band Hall.

Several from this community are planning on being in Sulphur Springs this Saturday for the Dutch Oven cooking classes at the Historical Society’s Heritage Park and Museum. Others are making plans to attend the Downtown Business History Walks, that are scheduled at 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., when John Sellers will relate the history of the downtown Sulphur Springs area.

Until next week, continue to enjoy the beauty of springtime in Hopkins County. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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