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Reilly Springs News for April 6, 2011

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The Reilly Springs community received a little bit of rain and a number of limbs blown down, as well as a few trees uprooted, when thunderstorms blew through Monday morning. Several dairy farmers were without power for a couple of hours and they were delayed in completing their milking chores.

I stopped by the Fisher’s on Tuesday night, viewing their new goat dairy. Bryant has become the new “Reilly Springs Goat Whisperer.” “That’s what you become when you have about 40 nanny goats to freshen and your milking equipment isn’t installed yet,” Bryant said as he prepared to hand-milk those that are really heavy producers. “We should have it completed in a few days, but in the meantime it is ‘the old-fashioned way’ here at the farm.”

Folks, I did something that I guess I’ve never done in my life. I actually hand-milked a goat. Her name was “Houdini” because it seems that she can open almost any gate on the farm. She was easy to milk, however, and much easier to hand-milk than a cow. Houdini gave about a half-gallon of milk, and it wasn’t much trouble to get it. But, don’t go to thinking that I might decide to get me a milk goat. It sure was nice to leave Bryant standing in the goat pens with about 75 baby kids running around his feet. It was super nice to leave and not have the responsibility of them. I think I will sneak back and get some goat cheese, when they get things up and running.

Blake and Kendra Fisher attended the weekend wedding of friends Casi Chester and Tommy Mobley and enjoyed having a nice time and seeing all of their friends. A beautiful wedding was reported.

J.R. and Vanessa Fisher were hosts to friends Josh Hughes and Kendall from Cleburne over the weekend and enjoyed a nice visit and catching up on all the happenings from Central Texas.

Bryant had attended a Dairy Max meeting where plans for the Hopkins County Dairy Festival Parade are being made. It won’t be long before Dairy Festival will be here, so it’s time to start getting things ready for that big event in Hopkins County. Maybe the Fishers will be promoting goat’s milk by Dairy Festival time.

Goat’s milk in Hopkins County is certainly not anything new. How many of you remember Mrs. Waites Goat Dairy here in Sulphur Springs? Mrs. Waites milked a number of goats back in the 1950s and 1960s and sold the milk from her farm. She had a number of customers who were allergic to cow’s milk, and a number of babies required the milk.

Heather Salvarino advised of a new organization here in town she’s involved with called PUSH, Parents United for Support and Help. The organization is for parents of those children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. The organization plans on meeting monthly to swap resources and information. They will meet at Plain and Fancy Sandwich Shoppe. Heather can be reached at 903-243-4138.

Meanwhile, Stratton Salvarino is “a little bit sore” this week. He had a fall from his clubhouse and sprained his arm, really bad. Fortunately, he didn’t break any bones and hopefully will be able to continue to play soccer. This is hoping for Stratton a “speedy” recovery.

Rhandi Fails also attended the Chester-Mobley wedding and noted how beautiful it was. Rhandi also reported that they have three newborn colts on their farm. As you can imagine, new colts are wonderful to watch as they scamper about the pasture “trying to find their legs.”

Rhandi reported that Brayden Stribling is playing soccer and keeping everyone busy going to the games, on Saturdays. Good luck to Brayden and his team.

Have you been down the country roads to view the bluebonnets and the Indian paintbrushes? I was out in the western and northern parts of Hopkins County this week, and they are out and beautiful. Also, there is a beautiful crop of them down my road, at Beverly McCord’s place. I’ve tried planting bluebonnets but have never had much luck growing them. The seeds are extremely hard and need to be “scarified” before planting them!

Hopefully, everyone had their tomato plants covered on Tuesday morning. The light frost could have “bit them back” if you didn’t. Seems like we start to have a warm season, and then a cool spell comes along again.

If you were outside on Tuesday night, you more than likely viewed the “sliver” of a moon that was gracing our skies. It was truly a beautiful sight, but I couldn’t help but notice that it was positioned, turning up. That is supposed to be a sign of dry weather. Hopefully, it will start “slanting down” so some of the rain can “pour” out. We need some more rain in Reilly Springs and Hopkins County. Hay season isn’t far away.

Have you noticed the azaleas? They are loaded with blooms and beautiful.

I haven’t heard from Vera Harrington this week, so that means that she must be spending some time in Waxahachie, with “the girls.” When you can’t catch Vera at home or at the dairy, you can bet she’s attending some activity that involves the granddaughters.

I saw Junior and Tammy Hinton on Sunday, and they reported hoping for a little bit of rain out of the predicted storms. As Junior related, the grass and all the other spring plants are requiring a good bit of moisture, and the winds that we’ve had lately are certainly drying things out. Junior is watching the weather in hopes of some much-needed moisture.

Junior and Tammy were also showling off their latest grandson, Cameron, who is now five months old. Like all of the others, he’s growing really, really fast.

I saw Charlotte Baxter on Saturday as she was involved with the Pilot Club Women’s Forum, that was hosted in the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center. Charlotte is serving as president of the Pilot Club and reported a great conference and luncheon on Saturday.  A large crowd was in attendance and enjoyed the day.

Until next week, enjoy the beautiful spring weather, and remember our troops who defend our freedoms. Ask for them continued safety and a return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America.




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