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What I've read, am re-reading and am about to read

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I came across LEFT NEGLECTED during the February snow storms. Am waiting to hear back from the author's publicist re: a possible interivew.


From the author's website: Lisa Genova graduated valedictorian from Bates College with a degree in Biopsychology and has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Harvard University. She is the author of the New York Times Bestselling novel STILL ALICE.  LEFT NEGLECTED is her second novel. She is currently writing her third novel, LOVE ANTHONY, about a boy with autism. She lives with her family on Cape Cod.

Here's what Booklist says about the book:

First-person narrator Sarah Nickerson is a 37-year-old, overachieving multitasker with a Harvard MBA and a demanding job as vice president of human relations at a Boston consulting firm. Her husband, Bob, works at a struggling tech start-up and shares in the upbringing of their three young children in an affluent suburb. Then there’s a car accident on a rainy November morning, and a traumatic brain injury leaves Sarah with “left neglect,” a lack of awareness of anything to her left, including the left side of her own body. The one person who can help when insurance runs out is Sarah’s mother, Helen, yet their relationship has been rocky ever since Helen was a virtually absentee mother for Sarah after Sarah’s brother, Nate, died in childhood. As Sarah’s struggles parallel those of her 7-year-old son, Charlie, just diagnosed with ADHD, there is healing of body, mind, and mother-daughter relationship and acceptance that “normal is overrated.” Neuroscientist Genova (Still Alice, 2009) once again personalizes an actual disabling brain condition to create irresistibly readable and moving fiction.


There's a lot of buzz in the blogosphere about historian and wine blogger Deborah Harkness' A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES.

Click here to read what Of Books and Reading says.

Click here to read what A.V. Club says.

Minnesota reads wasn't impressed.

WritesThoughts liked the book.

I'm on my second pass of the book and am liking it more and more.

Here's the premise. Young, attractive female historian is at Oxford University preparing a paper to present at an academic conference. Young, attractive female historian is also a witch, but she's done her best to ignore her powers.

Young-appearing, attractive male vampire discovers young, attractive female historian in the Oxford.

Young, attractive female historian witch finds an ancient, heretofore missing book of magic.

The discovery unleashes all manners of creatures who want to get their hands on the book.

Young, attractive female historian witch and young-appearing, attractive male vampire join forces to find out why the book is so important - and in the meantime, they fall in love, which is prohibited by ancient laws.

The book is the first of a trilogy - think TWILIGHT for grownups and you get the idea - it's well written and drew me in right away.

Okay, I'm a sucker for a witch on vampire love story.

Watch for my review in an upcoming edition of your News-Telegram.


The wonderful women of the book club in Winnsboro have chosen DRIVING WITH DEAD PEOPLE a memoir by Monica Holloway to read. Several members have already read it and said, despite its title, they enjoyed the story.

Here's what Holloway's website says about the book:

Small wonder that, at nine years old, Monica Holloway develops a fascination with the local funeral home. With a father who drives his Ford pickup with a Kodak movie camera sitting shotgun just in case he sees an accident, and whose home movies feature more footage of disasters than of his children, Monica is primed to become a morbid child.

Yet in spite of her father’s bouts of violence and abuse, her mother’s selfishness and prim denial, and her siblings’ personal battles and betrayals, Monica never succumbs to despair. Instead, she forges her own way, thriving at school and becoming fast friends with Julie Kilner, whose father is the town mortician.

The book just hit my desk this morning. Am looking forward to seeing where the story takes me.




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