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Home Blogs From the Press Box Rangers won't do it again

Rangers won't do it again

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Rangers won't do it again

Sad news for loyal Rangers fans. I fear the 2010 magical run to the World Series will not be repeated this year. I don't even think the Rangers will win the division. I am still a big fan and will watch games and even go to a few. I have to speak the truth.

Texas will not catch lightning in a jug this season. That many guys can't have career years, again. The team has more holes than Swiss cheese.
There's just too many question marks. Heck, a really good team does not have this many questions about their pitching staff right at the start of the year. They don't have enough pitching, center field is still a question mark. Is Michael Young going to be a happy camper?
I am just perplexed by all of it. I still don't know why they did not sign a big name, big time pitcher after Cliff Lee left. What happened? They appear to have the money. But now they are the Rangers still being the Rangers. Let's sign old or injured pitchers.
Like sending first baseman Chris Davis down to Triple A?  The Longview lad's hitting .362 in the spring and has proven he's a good glove. So I guess you don't need his bat. We will see.
Or sell Treanor to KC for money? What's up with that?
To me they look like a team which might win 85 games.
I think the Rangers finish second to the Oakland A's this year. The division is still not strong, heck even Seattle can contend.

In the other divisions - the AL- East- Boston


AL Champion - Boston

In the NL, that I never watch, I am sad because my too favorite teams - the Cubs and Astros will finish back in the pack. Sad times at Wrigley and H town.

Here's who I think will win

NL-East -Phillies (bats, arms, only clubhouse unrest can ruin this team)
NL-Central - Cardinals enough pitching and hitting
NL-West, why not, the World Champion Giants - noboby really wants to win this division, besides I can't get used to Donny (Ballgame) Mattingly in a Dodger uniform, yuck.
NL-champ- Phillies

NEW WORLD SERIES CHAMP - Red Sox over Phillies in 6
Prediction - - Longtime diehard Boston fans will be verbally mean to Cliff Lee's wife.

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