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Reilly Springs News March 23, 2011

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The weather has been beautiful this week in Reilly Springs, although maybe a bit windy, but still perfect for getting the garden planted and the yard mowed for the first time.

I was visiting with Junior Hinton on Sunday, and he, like many others, was concerned about the lack of rainfall so far this spring. We both commented on the early arrival of the “yellow weeds” in all of the hay meadows and pastures, but we’re really needing some moisture, before hay season gets under way. It’s certainly beginning to get dry with all of the grass “putting out” and spring coming alive.

On Saturday, I took my own advice and decided to go to the Arboretum in Dallas. Folks, it is absolutely gorgeous. The flowers are spectacular, but I wouldn’t advise on going on the weekend. We had to park in auxillary parking and ride a shuttle bus to the gardens. However, the show of spring blooms was worth it. We got some great Easter pictures of Jadi and Anndi despite the crowds, and Judy and I were much more tired than they were by the end of the trip.

I heard from Vera Harrington this week, and she had a busy time with the granddaughters over spring break. Jessica Cooper’s daughter, Tori, had visited from Florida, and Jessica took her over to visit with Mary’s girls. They all went to the arena to ride with Caroline one day. Then, Mary and the girls went to Austin and called on Vera to find vintage aprons because you received a discount at the Cowgirl’s Museum if you wore one as you entered. “I looked through the entire house and finally found one, but it had been 30 years since I’d worn an apron,” Vera said. “There were plenty of them that are never used. I guess that’s a sure sign that I don’t cook anymore. It’s amazing just what you’ll do for the grandkids.”

Joyce McDonald and Judy Jones returned from Muleshoe Thursday night and reported a wonderful time. They shopped in both Plainview and Lubbock and enjoyed the sites in the Texas Panhandle, but reported dry weather in that part of the state, too. They also came back through Jacksboro and reported seeing evidence of the wildfires that have plagued that part of the state.

I visited with Joe Moore this week, and he was out and about tending to some errands but able to still have a sense of humor despite some difficult times lately, with the loss of both his wife and son. Remember Joe in your thoughts and prayers.

Joyce McDonald reported running into Marilee Fisher and Debbie Wilkie in Yantis this week. They enjoyed a nice visit and caught up on all that was happening. Joyce also had a nice visit with Judy Ragan. “Despite the fact that we live just down the road from each other and I see Judy at Big Smith’s when she’s working, we seldom have time visit,” said Joyce. “But we actually had a few minutes to talk and catch up on what all of our families are doing.”

Marilee reports that Bryant is in Kansas City, Mo., this week, at the Dairy Farmers of America annual meeting. Bryant represents the dairy farmers from this area and is a voting delegate at the convention. He is expected to be home later in the week.

Meanwhile, J.R. drew milking chores while Bryant was gone, and he and Blake are attempting to get everything ready for opening the goat dairy by April 1. They have a number of “nannies” that are due to kid on April 1, so they’ve got to continue to work toward that goal. “I really don’t want to be hand-milking goats,” explained Blake. “Hopefully we can get all of the equipment installed and everything ready to start milking by the time we start having them freshen.”

You’ll know now where to go to get some goat’s milk or cheese made from goat’s milk once they get things fired-up.

Springtime is always a rushed time of the year, with worlds of activities. Saturday night’s Reilly Springs Jamboree was one of the best ones on record. A huge crowd of spectators came out for the show, and great lineup of performers were featured. A young man from the Winnsboro-Mt. Vernon area, Stanley Johnson, wowed the crowd with his performance of a number of Randy Travis songs.

Everyone also enjoyed the return of Tommy Randle from the Metroplex area, as he performed several songs and received high praise for his rendition of “Big Iron On His Hip.” And Kirk Reems received loud applause for his version of “Silver Wings.”

From gospel to country classics, Saturday night’s show was a great time, and enjoyed by everyone in attendance. Make plans to attend the next show on Saturday night, April 16.

I also heard this week that Luvena Owens had been under the weather but is doing better. This is wishing her a speedy recovery. She wants to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

Saturday is the closing ceremonies for the “Big Nasty Hog Hunt.” From all reports, it has been a very successful contest and a number of the pesky critters have been removed from Hopkins County. Prizes will be awarded and the winners named on Saturday.

I saw Sandra Glenn at last week’s Hopkins County Genealogical Society Meeting, and she reported doing some yard work and attempting to get all of her flower beds cleaned out. The Genealogical Society had a wonderful program with Judy Falls and Sylvia Woods, from neighboring Delta County, presenting a program on their publishing of a book on Delta County History. They told how they prepared both the text and photos for the publication and answered a number of questions, as well as adding some interesting historical facts that Delta and Hopkins County share.

Until next week, “catch up” the mule and make certain that you get your garden planted. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms around the world and ask for them a shield of safety and a safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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