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Why I Don’t Wear Green On St. Paddy’s Day [Holidays]

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Pinch me if you will, but I refuse to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s not that I dislike the saint, I actually know a great deal about him and admire him. And it’s not that I have a distaste for the Irish, which has unfortunately been a historically common thing. No, nothing like that.

I just think that I've worn enough green in my lifetime.

StpatscathedralThe reason I don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day is because he was the namesake of my Catholic elementary school in El Paso; it’s situated on the grounds of the Italian Renaissance style cathedral of the same name (shown at right). Yes, we were the “Fighting Irish” and, you guessed it, green and white were our school colors.

But shouldn’t this give me MORE reason to go all out on SPD? It’s such an integral part of my formative years, after all.

Well, apart from the oversaturation of the color green in the school, there was the question of our uniforms. And it wouldn’t be a proper private Catholic school without uniforms, right?

Right. It was pretty standard fare. Collared shirt, slacks, belt and loafers. Except for the colors.

A nice white collared shirt was required to be paired with our slacks.

Which were GREEN.



I am certain that some PTO member in the 50s decided this would look cute and show school spirit. All I thought was that they were HIDEOUS.

And they are. Positively. Hence, an aversion to green.

Unfortunately, I have not found a photo of me donning the dreaded pants. Shows how much I loathed them.

I may not be wearing green, but I will gladly celebrate. Happy Saint Paddy’s Day!


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