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My pick is the Pack

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I finally got enough courage and interest to make a Super Bowl pick.


I'm taking Green Bay 27-23, that's a pick made with my heart, not my head.

Truthfully the teams are about even, Las Vegas oddsmakers (who are usually right)

pick the Packers by 2.5 points.

My reason is something more personal. I can't stand the thought of the Steelers celebrating a Super Bowl win, waving Terrible Towels in Jerry's house

right here in Arlington in front of everyone. Not when the Steelers have inflicted so much pain to me and other Cowboys fans over the year. I am not even going to mention Super Bowls XX and XXII. But Dallas a measure of revenge over the Steeler nation in SB XXX, thanks to Larry Brown in a Super Bowl the Pokes probably shouldn't have won. But they will take it. Just like they take the memory of Jackie Smith dropping a TD and Lynn Swann flying through the air making incredible catches.

Sure, Dallas and the Packers have history too, but not as much. I must admit that just recently after talking to Forrest Gregg, I can let the Ice Bowl loss go. Wow, that took a while, but I am over it. I can't say the same for Jethro Pugh.

But this Super Bowl I pick the Packers to win.

When Dallas originally got  the big for a game, I was sure the Cowboys would be the first team to play and win a home Super Bowl. Well, like a plate of biscuits in front of Wade Phillips, that thought disappeared pretty quickly.

The Cowboys sunk like a rock, Romo got hurt and it was a year to forget. Whether Jason Garrett will be the right coach, that's something we will have to wait and see. I think he is knowledgeable, but another "yes man" to Jones.

But back to the Super Bowl, I will try to get into it, I will even make Rotel cheese dip and watch the game. But without the team with the star of their helmet, to me it just doesn't see right.


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