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Home News-Telegram News Editorials SNOWPOCALYPSE: Winter is on the attack

SNOWPOCALYPSE: Winter is on the attack

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Dear Mother Nature: Really? After the tease of last weekend, you break our hearts with the coldest snap in decades - and then you go and dump some 8-inches of the white powder on our heads. Was that just for giggles?


As Texans, we are used to a little cold (just a little). And some snow really doesn't bother us much (as far as Texas standards are concerned). We can even handle the yearly ice storm, though we often handle it from the comforts of our home. Still, those events are fairly mild and usually only last a day.

But the last couple of months are seriously getting ridiculous when it comes to winter's attack on North Texas. After January's snow, it certainly could be assumed that we were done for the year. We can go years without getting that kind of snowfall; what are the chances of it coming more than once in a year? Then we have the arctic freeze of earlier this week when temperatures dipped into the single-digits and never got higher than the mid-20s - that is just not supposed to happen in Texas. Now this.

The real kicker to all this? There is more now being predicted for next week. Does Lowe's even carry snow shovels?

So what do southerners do when Mother Nature gets in a foul winter mood? Mostly, we stay indoors. But it is hard - hard on the people and hard on the businesses that aren't making many sales this week. Our homes and buildings aren't built for this kind of weather - neither is our city's infrastructure. So we sit and we wait.

Also, we should remember to check on our neighbors, family and friends and make sure they are faring well. Luckily, there haven't been any major reported power outages (outside of the small rolling blackouts from earlier this week). So most in the county should have heat in their homes. But it is always a good idea to check on those close to us.

By late Saturday or sometime Sunday, this snow should start melting off. Then we wait and only hope that Mother Nature is through playing games.

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