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Reilly Springs News for Feb. 2, 2011

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Brrrrr! It’s cold in Reilly Springs. I had one resident report that their thermometer showed 12 degrees this morning. We just don’t see cold like that here very often, especially with the wind blowing. Brace yourselves and stay warm as reports are that it’s going to stay around for a few days.

It’s Groundhog Day, and you can always count on the day that the groundhog goes looking for his shadow that Kathy Darling Nix at City National Bank has gotten a year older. This year she’s looking at those “double fives,” — yep, she’s “55” years old today. She’s the one that told everyone in the first grade that there “wasn’t a Santa Claus” and destroyed the myth for an entire generation at Lamar School. Happy birthday, Kathy!

Reilly Springs was abuzz this past weekend as Joe Bailey had a small crew in our community filming a 15-minute movie from the book he has written entitled “A Good Man’s Decision.” Several local residents and members of the Sulphur Springs Community Players were on hand to star in the movie. Word is that Jeremy Jones and J.R. Fisher, among others, are expecting a any day now with the word that they’ve won an Academy Award. The movie was filmed on the grounds of the Reilly Springs Community Center Saturday and Sunday, with the cast meeting on Friday night for rehearsals and instructions.

We’ve seen some other action at the Reilly Springs Community Center lately, the kind with hammers and saws. Kenni Jo Wallace, Kerry Bailey, Teddy Boggs, Larry Clark, Grant Bailey, Cody Salverino and Hunter and Stratton Salverino have been making some needed repairs to the building.

The Stribling family had been out enjoying the warmer temperatures ahead of the cold weather. Little Case Fails has officially gone on his first “hog hunt.” He went with David Stribling, Josh and Rhett Vaughn and “The Jishua Gang” on Saturday afternoon. They must not have gotten anything as nothing was said about a major kill.

Rhandi and Case Fails enjoyed spending time Sunday riding horses and four-wheelers. “It’s hard to believe just how fast the weather can change,” said Rhandi. “But the spring-like weather was great while it lasted.”

The Reilly Springs community was saddened this week to hear of the death of Bob Pickard, husband of our own Myrna Swindell Pickard. Bob passed away in Fort Worth Thursday from an apparent heart attack. Memorial services were held Tuesday morning in Arlington at St. Barnabas United Methodist Church. A private interment will follow at a later date in Reilly Springs Cemetery. We extend our sympathy to Myrna and her family on their deep loss.

On a brighter note, the McClendon family is getting ready for a wedding. Collyn McClendon will wed Brannon Luke Tucker at the end of February. Congratulations to all.

Joyce McDonald decided to ride out the storm in Sulphur Springs. When the weather started getting cold Tuesday and the sleet and snow started to fall, she made her way to Judy and Marlin’s. However, their electricity was out for a period while hers was still on at her house! But at least she wasn’t out on icy roads. She was returning home on Wednesday.

Vera Harrington related that she had been to see the granddaughters in Waxahachie but had returned and was attempting to get everything ready for the blast of cold. With a number of water troughs, pipes and outdoor faucets, there was certain to be something that wouldn’t get covered and would have to be fixed in the bitter cold. “You do the best that you can, just knowing that you’re going to be out in the weather trying to get something fixed or thawed out,” Vera said. “There’s no way to remember everything, and just when you think you have it wrapped, a cow will come along and knock off a frozen pipe or something.”

Vera speaks from experience, having done this for about 60 years.

“If it can happen, it’s probably happened around here at least twice,” Vera said. “You still attempt to minimize the damages so you won’t have to be out in the weather any more than you have to.”

“The hardest part is keeping enough water to all the livestock, during the extended freezes,” warned Vera. “You never realize how much water they drink, until you start trying to keep water running to them.”

If anyone gets bored when everything starts to thaw, Vera invites them to come by, as she’s sure she’ll have some water pipes that they can help fix.

“We generally do, once things warm up and begin to get back to normal,” she explained.

It was same story, second verse at the Fishers as they attempted to keep things going in the extreme cold. They had a frozen vacuum pump, had to thaw water, and other crises all over the place. Bryant had been scheduled to fly out to Denver, Colo., for a National Beef Council meeting, but the flight was cancelled and he didn’t have to drive on ice to DFW.

Marilee is somewhat impaired this week. She fell last week and fractured her elbow, so she she wasn’t much help with any of the dairy problems.

I talked to Yvonne King Tuesday as she was going about her duties as justice of the peace. She related that she’d had to go to a weather related wreck on State Highway 11, where there was a fatality. She reminds everyone to be extremely careful and watch for the slick spots in the roads.

“It’s much, much more beneficial to take your time and live to tell about it,” Yvonne said. “We’re seeing way too many fatalities on Highway 11.”

I heard from Jerry Miller via Facebook, and he and Phyllis are on a cruise this week                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        enjoying the warmth. I don’t think they could have chosen a better time to go for some needed warmth.

Until next week, continue to stay warm and remember those that are elderly and might need your assistance. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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