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GOING ‘GREEN’: We can't afford it

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Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California loves green — or at least loves going "green." Be it a political stunt or an actual concern for the environment, Pelosi has been a leader of the Democrat's "Green the Capitol" campaign.

The only problem is, going green can be quite expensive - as House members recently found out.

Northern California Republican Rep. Dan Lungren, chairman of the House Administration Committee, recently ordered an end to Pelosi's composting program in the House of Representatives. We'll call it the end of "wasteful spending on waste."

The composting program was put into place as part of Pelosi's plan to to make all things government more environmentally friendly. As part of the program, all Styrofoam and plastic materials in the House eating establishments were replaced with biodegradable alternatives. The resultant biodegradable waste was then shipped to a composting site in Maryland.

For the hardcore environmentalists, it was a victory. For America's pocketbook, it was a disaster.

According to reports,  an internal review found that the government would save $475,000 a year by ending the practice. Not only are the immediate monetary savings great, but Rep. Lungren says that hauling the waste to Maryland and the extra electricity used to turn the trash to pulp increased the energy consumption used instead of decreasing it. It other words, it wasn't so green to go green.

That is truly one of the biggest problems in trying to be environmentally "correct" or friendly. It is really hard to do. Not only are the costs prohibitive in many instances, but the end-result environmental savings are often non-existent.

Going "green" is a wonderful goal, but until the costs come down and the processes are refined, it makes for a better campaign plug than an actual government program. Luckily, some in government are starting to agree.




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