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NBC series ‘Harry’s Law’: Improbable, funny show

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I often find myself flipping through channels on my TV searching for something to watch on off-nights when I actually have time to sit down for a few minutes.

Usually, I find myself stopping on old favorites and watching a little bit of this show, then a bit of that.

On Monday, by accident, I discovered a new show I found perfectly delightful, if a bit unrealistic.

I clicked on “Harry’s Law,” starring Kathy Bates as Harriet “Harry” Korn, a patent attorney who’s run into a spate of bad luck, thinking surely I could wait out the last few minutes of it until the next show came on.

Frankly, I figured another cop, lawyer or “reality” show is  exactly what TV does not need, so I wasn’t even interested in giving the newest “law” offering even a peek, despite my like of Bates. (She does funny, serious and warped equally well! “Towanda!” Need I say more?)

To my amusement, I had stumbled onto the show just a few minutes in. And when I say amusement, I was very amused. Almost from the beginning, I laughed — a lot.

I found the first part of the show hilarious and the latter part quite riveting.

Is it unrealistic to think a woman’s bad luck could extend from being fired, to having a suicide cocaine addict land on her head, then having an odd young man she’d previously sparred with  in court strike her with his car and throw her into mattresses that delivery men were unloading at that precise moment, resulting in only soreness to Bates’ character?

Yes, it was very unrealistic. But it was fun.

To continue the hilarity, Korn is stuck with flaky legal assistant Jenna Backstrom (played by Brittany Snow) in Harriet’s Law and Fine Shoes, a store front filled with expensive women’s footwear.

Toss in former opponent Adam Branch (played by Nate Corddry) and the suicidal cocaine addict, and you have a real comedic recipe.

In one scene, Korn pulls a gun on menacing Damien (played by Johnny Ray Gill), who all but promises that her office will be looted and she might be injured if she doesn’t pay his “security” fee.

As only Bates can, she backs the bad guy down with no problem, then proclaims her office will defend him gratis if he’d still keep the place safe at no fee.

Of course, he doesn’t expect to need her services so soon.

Branch hasn’t even got his desk set up when the firm gets a call from Damien saying he needs their help.

He claims he shot a man in the middle of a robbery; unfortunately, Damien isn’t permitted to carry the weapon in question and is arrested.

While Branch is busy trying to save Damien, Harry defends suicidal doper Malcolm Davies (played by Aml Ameen).

In Davies’ trial, Korn starts off on the wrong foot with the judge, as he warns her that even though she’s not tried criminal cases previously, he expects her to strictly adhere to the rules of the court.

Korn argues with the prosecutor, while presenting facts regarding drug rehabilitation and favoring the legalization of drugs to get them off the street.

She makes the prosecutor look like a jerk, and though she fails in getting the jury to find her third-time offender not guilty, she ultimately wins the judge over to her side.

He gives the man two years probation, provided Davies receives treatment in an approved facility.

The facility where Davies had been getting treatment was closed due to funding issues. Without support, Davies slipped back into old habits, hence the charge.

In the meantime, Branch gets Damien released and a thank you from him before they leave the courthouse.

The show ends as Korn and Branch argue whether he’s a partner or not.

Oh, and Davies, the addict –  he’ll be working for Harry while he finishes college.

The show had numerous unreal aspects and outcomes, but at the end of the day, it made me sigh, think and laugh – a lot.

So, I’ve got the second episode of NBC’s “Harry’s Law” set to record on my TV. Those looking for a good laugh and entertaining show should check it out




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