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Reilly Springs News for Jan. 12, 2011

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The Reilly Springs community is experiencing some of the coldest weather of the season, with most residents making an attempt to stay inside and next to the fire. Reports were of a low of 17 degrees this morning, with even lower temperatures predicted for Thursday morning. Hopefully all of the water pipes are wrapped.

“The snowfall is beautiful,” said Vera Harrington, “but it would be more beautiful if you didn’t have to get out in it to feed cattle.”

Vera was working almost around the clock to keep water flowing and the dairy going. “I think I got about 8 inches of snow, judging from the way it was piled up on the fence posts,” Vera said. “It is absolutely beautiful when you get finished with the chores and are able to head for the house and a warm fire.”

Meanwhile, Vera got a scare Monday when Jessica, who lives in her guest house, was kicked by her horse as she was feeding. Jessica had to be taken to the hospital in Greenville but was released on Tuesday with no apparent permanent damage. “She’s bruised and still trying to figure what happened,” Vera said. “She just woke up in the snow and had been kicked, and really doesn’t know what happened.”

Jessica sends her thanks to all who helped her get to the hospital.

Vera received a call from Mary, who reported Charlotte is sick at home with a “touch of asthma” and was paying the price from playing too hard in the snow. This is hoping that Charlotte has a speedy recovery.

It was nice to see Mary, her girls, and Mitzi, who were all in Hopkins County on Saturday for the funeral of their aunt, Betty Price. They all came down Saturday morning but decided to return Saturday night ahead of the weather.

This is extending sympathy to Bobby Price, Gregg, Debbie, Vickie and the entire Price family on the passing of Betty. Betty was reared in the neighboring Sandifer community between Reilly Springs and Black Oak and continued to be a frequent visitor in our community after she married Bobby.

Betty was always a very gracious lady and shared a variety of memories with all of us as we enjoyed her family at Vera’s, during our formative years. Many fun days were spent playing in barns, “the playhouse,” and hundreds of other places on the farm with Mitzi, Mary, Greg and Vickie. Our mothers probably didn’t have a clue of all the messes we got into.

It was also nice to see Vickie Price and her daughters as they returned to Hopkins County during Betty’s illness and funeral and to share a few of those great memories of being reared here in Hopkins County.

I was also reminded this week of one of Dreyfus Harrington’s weather predictions. Dreyfus said that “if snow stays on the ground more than three days, you’ll have another one before the season is over.” Well, it looks like we’ll be having another snow this season.

The Stribling familyy reported enjoying playing in the snow despite all of the farm chores. Alexis and Braydon were “snow guests” in Reilly Springs and enjoyed the scenes and playing in the winter wonderland that our community offered.

The Fisher family reported surviving the cold and snowy weather. Of course, with animals to feed and milk, it has been difficult keeping everything going at their farm.

“I guess we’ll learn which pipes weren’t wrapped properly on about Friday,” Blake said. “That’s when the temperatures are expected to get above freezing for an extended time.”

Kendra, along with most of the other teachers in the area, enjoyed a “day off” on Monday, but spent it helping out on the farm.

Many in our community are looking for some place to go after being shut in for a few days. The lunches at the senior center in Yantis have been cancelled due to the weather, and many of those who attend are “missing their friends.”

“I’ve stayed in contact with everyone on Facebook,” allowed one of our residents. “But I’ve about exhausted all of the computer games and the television shows. I’m ready for the weather to clear up and things to get back to normal.”

Enola Gay reminded me that she will also be hosting a Reilly Springs Jamboree on Saturday night in Reilly Springs, so if your schedule allows, make plans to attend another great show.

Enola is also hosting the annual Crock-Pot Chili Contest on Saturday, Jan. 22, in the Civic Center. This is always a fun event and some “mighty good” eating, too.

And, many in our community planned to stop by the Civic Center today to wish Gayle Snow and Dottie Ford a wonderful retirement. Of course, we’ll probably see more of Gayle now, as she lives in our community. Maybe we can get her involved in some of the community projects now that she’s retired.

Until next week, continue to make an effort to thaw out — certainly some warmer weather is on tap.

Remember our troops who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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