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Cowboys gag me for Christmas

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And for Christmas, for being a loyal fan since 1966 my present was a from the Dallas Cowboys (drum roll please...) - a yule performance to gag on.


Barf and hand me the eggnog.

Thank goodness, I did not get to see all the game on TV, I would have really been sick.

A professional kicker, in this case David Buehler, missing an extra point. I remember back in the old days when the team was sorry, Danny Villanueva never missed an extra point. Buehler is certainly not the only problem.

Because of being in transit on Christmas night, I listened to the first half of the Dallas Cowboy game on the radio. I hope Jolly Old St. Nick was tuned into something else or he might  have hit a pine tree. I got to hear Brad and Babe described the train wreck.

One interception returned for a TD. Then another "Pick Six" by the lowly Cardinals. Yes, Dallas was again playing down to the level of their competition. Then Jon Kitna gets hurt and on primetime on the biggest holiday of the year, the two sorry teams are using third string quarterbacks. What a fantastic show! (He said deeply laced with satire). Too bad my TV did not implode.

Then we get to the Dallas defense.  They against have more holes in their secondary than a piece of Swiss cheese. The Dallas Cowboys defense has now given up 423 points. Yes, that's second worst in the entire NFL. That's more points allowed than Cincinnati or Buffalo. Only Denver's porous defense which has allowed 438 is worse.

The 423 points is a new franchise record for Dallas and they still have a game left.

What in the name of Bob Lilly is going on here!

Cowboys going through the motions. I thought a week or two ago, to keep Jason Garrett and rebuild for next year.

Now, after the Christmas nightmare in the desert, I say get rid of all of them, starting with and including the GM.

I got some Dallas Cowboys clothing for Christmas, as soon as I find a receipt, it goes back to the store. I am not giving up on the 'Boys forever, but I will not be a walking billboard for a team which stinks and is pretty inept. And that's just the comment I could print.

Ho ho humbug to me!


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