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Coach got punished; Lee flew to Phillies

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Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Tommy Lewis...

Speaking of Lewis, I think the punishment for poor Sal Alosi was excessive. He's just  a working man who stands to be out $75,000 for being a bonehead.
Let me explain... first, it was Tommy Lewis, the overzealous 'Bama player who came off the sidelines to tackle Dickey Moegle of Rice as he ran down the sidelines for a sure TD  in the 1954 Cotton Bowl. Rice was awarded a touchdown and won the game. Moegle went on to play pro, even for the Dallas Cowboys, he's in the College Football Hall of Fame. Lewis is but a footnote.
I hope sad Sal doesn't become a trivia answer. Alosi, an assistant coach for the Jets, stuck out his knee and helped bring down a member of the Dolphins special teams. Alosi was standing out-of-bounds, he did something stupid. But he got fined $25,000 and suspended the rest of the year (WITHOUT PAY) and can't coach or be at the Jets' complex or associated with players. The poor guy has suffered enough. He owned up to it and repented, I think his punishment was TOO severe.

Then we come to the case of former Ranger left ace Cliff Lee.
People are  wondering why Cliff would reject big offers from the Yankees and Rangers to return to the Phillies. I can think of several great reasons.
1. The money is not that much lower he still will be making $20 mil or more a year, so don't have a telethon or give him a benefit.
2. It's easier to pitch in the NL. The American League scores an average of one more run a game than the NL. In the NL you have bigger parks, you get to pitch to the opposing pitcher and some weak infielders.
3. Maybe the most important thing, pressure. The Phillies job has no pressure. They already have big dog pitchers (Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels)  to lead the way, Cliff will just be one of them, not the one. At Texas and even in NY, he was going to be looked on a the bell cow, the leader.
4. What a lineup. The Phillies pound the ball, you could give up 5-6 runs a game and still win a lot of games. Philadelphia has won the division four years in a row, they are good and going to keep getting better.
5. He likes Philly, his family likes Philly. The Phillies are family to him, he had a good experience there and he wants more of that good treatment from the City of Brotherly Love.
The Rangers gave up a lot to rent him for the summer and fall. But, Texas finally found out the importance of having a true ace and big time pitcher on the staff. It was a lesson I hope they remember.
They have money now to go find one or two replacement pitchers.
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