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Sign Cliff Lee, but don't mess up team

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Cliff Lee. What a charmed life the 32-year old lefty is living just a few hundred miles away in the Arkansas woods. He hunts deer while the Rangers, Yankees and a few other teams hunt him. They all have big sacks of money, just tempting him to their team.


Does he accept a big pile of money from the Texas Rangers or a bigger pile from the New York Yankees.

That should be my biggest worry, to be rich or very rich.

The Rangers, his last team and the one which took him to the World Series, is preparing a five-year deal worth about $120 mil or so. I say make the offer and go home.

Remind Cliff about the quality of life in Texas and now the Lone Star State has no taxes. Remind him it is much more fun to beat the evil empire (the Yankees) than be a member of the team. Remind him that Ranger fans are not mean to his wife.

The Yankees have all the money, they can top any offer the Rangers make. So Texas should make a strong bid, but not get in a bidding war. The Rangers still have to think about the future, like signing Josh Hamilton, the reigning AL MVP and lots of other young players. If you give Cliff too much money, you limit your future.

Truthfully, Lee was a great influence in 2010. But he was a 12-9 pitcher. He did not single-handed win the World Series for the Rangers, no pitcher could. But he sure helped the Rangers feel more like a big time team. He always was shown laughing with the guys in the dugout. I don't think the Bankees have that kind of claw and antlers fun. They are too rich to be silly.

Texas is a young, fun team and Lee should want to play for Texas. He should take the Rangers' offer and come back to town and buy some more boots.


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