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Reilly Springs News for Dec. 1, 2010

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Folks, it’s the first day of December, and 2010 is winding down. I don’t know about you folks, but it seems like the years continue to get faster and fasterk and before you turn around, it’s time to start another one. Can you remember when you were younger thinking that a year would hardly ever come to an end, and now it seems like you blink and it’s already past.

I trust that everyone is full of turkey this week, and probably about “shopped out” or at least out of money following a long week of celebrations with family and friends, and then “shopping until you dropped.” Christmas is upon us, ready or not.

Everyone from this community reported an enjoyable Thanksgiving celebration and pausing to reflect on how blessed all of us are. Vera Harrington traveled to Waxahachie for a big celebration with her girls and reported an enjoyable time of eating too much and going shopping with the granddaughters. She also reported that Betty Price is doing much, much better and she and Bobby enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with family.

I saw Betty on Sunday as she and Bobby went out to eat, and Betty was very thankful that her health has improved. She reported truly being blessed by the many prayers and the ability to get out and enjoy life.

Kim and Colton Price were in Stephenville with family for Thanksgiving and brought back a batch of huge persimmons. Vera reported that they had brought her some and she was wondering what to do with them before they ruined. Of course, we told her she needed to make persimmon jam. If you don’t hear from Vera for a few days, you might go and check on her. It’s been a long time since Vera cooked any jam.

Many from this community were in Yantis Tuesday where they watched a “barn-burning” ballgame between the Yantis Owls and Roxton. The Owls won the 56-54 match-up and proved their mettle as they took the victory.

Among the crowd in Yantis was Debra Stribling, Rhandi and Case Fails. Of course, they were especially cheering-on #31, Ty Davis, as he made four three-point shots, in the game.

Rhandi reported that they enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday at David and Debra’s, and then spent Friday putting up the Christmas decorations. Brayden Stribling spent the Thanksgiving weekend with David and Debra, and Debra, Rhandi, Baylee and Brayden all went shopping in Tyler on Saturday.

Mandi Walker Berger was home for Thanksgiving from California, and came to the Striblings on Friday night.

Sunday found Brayden Stribling and David in the woods hunting for that deer, but reports are that they are still hunting.

If you’ve missed Joyce McDonald, the last few days, she has been buried beneath a “pile of memories.” She and her brother, Melvin Crouch, and sister-in-law, Barbara, have been working on cleaning out Mam-Ma’s house in Reilly Springs. They’ve found childhood report cards, graduation announcements, valedictory addresses they made in high school, and a host of other mementos among the drawer of bread-wrapper ties, rubber bands from newspapers, and other things that Mam-Ma “might need” someday. Of course, Mam-Ma lived through the Great Depression when it was a “sin” to throw away anything that you might need someday, so she accumulated quite a collection of items in 99 years.

They’ve just completed “round number 1” of the cleaning out process and have several more sessions to complete the task.

Jan Lawrence stayed until Sunday at lunch, as she attended the dedication ceremonies on Sunday for Hallie Lawrence before returning to Muleshoe. She and Michael, Jandi, Landri and Sam Lawrence traveled together on the return trip to the Panhandle, and reported arriving about 9 o’clock Sunday night among loads of traffic on the highways.

Jan will be returning for another visit, as she and some friends will be arriving at Joyce McDonald’s on Thursday night to do some more shopping at Canton on Friday and Saturday. “I’d have just stayed over but I’d already been here a week,” lamented Jan. “And I have loads of things that need to be done at home.”

Jacy Lawrence will be accompanying Jan back this weekend, but she’d returned to Muleshoe earlier with a large doe that she had killed on Thanksgiving morning while hunting here in Hopkins County. She’s already tasting deer sausage and backstrap.

A report from the Bryant Fisher family revealed that they spent most of the Thanksgiving weekend processing deer. They have already processed approximately 150 deer this season, and they continue to come in. It sounds like it has been a very productive hunting season this year. That’s not counting all of the hogs they’ve processed.

The Fishers did manage to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with Ethel Winton as they paused on Thursday. “We nearly had to use Ethel to help skin some deer,” reported Blake. “But, she told us that she had to get back to town.”

Ethel was busy serving as a host for the Christmas in the Park at Heritage Park as it opened last weekend. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to enjoy the lighting display, music and decorations at Heritage Park, you can take advantage of one more night on Friday night, or a “drive-thru” on Saturday night. The Heritage Park Christmas has become a tradition in this community, with many local families opening the Christmas season by attending the display following their Thanksgiving celebrations. It’s an opportunity to reflect on a period of time when our area was settled and when times were much simpler.

Sympathy is extended to the Cable family on the loss of their brother-in-law and uncle, Don Ray Cable, this week. Funeral services were in Fletcher, Okla., on Tuesday. Mary F. Cable and Chad and Mary S. Cable traveled to Fletcher for those services to be with family and friends. Don was Lowell’s younger brother.

Until next week, continue to count your many blessings as you enjoy the holiday season. Pray for love in our hearts and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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