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Cowboys, turkey and pie

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Buehler, Buehler, Buehler

Some Thanksgiving holidays are better than others.
I got plenty to eat and visited with relatives yesterday so that part of the day was a win.
Then the Dallas Cowboys came along.
I started the Cowboys game asleep on a couch after overindulging on a late lunch which led to a nap. Boy was that good, my mom can fix some groceries.
I woke up from my Thanksgiving slumber to see the Cowboys behind 17-0. What! I must be a bad dream, triggered by fat which made my belt loosen and shoes come off.
No such luck. The 17-0 score was true, my boys were losing to the World Champs. My "Who Dat" fan daughter was happy,but she is smart enough not to taunt.
My brother-in-law, a diehard Cowboys football fan times 10 was irked to say the least. We were supposed to have the family (my wife's) at their house. But he has issued the unofficial edict through his wife, he'd like to wait until after the Cowboys were over to do the meal. Easy for him to say, he did not face the 110-plus mile drive home I had and it was getting cold, wet and dark.
So we compromised, we went over at half time, that gave my daughter time to visit with cousins and their kids and I started making cheese dip while brother-in-law Gary was locked in on the game. He was in his commando position, sitting in his recliner, inches from the screen with the remote in one hand, in his lap he cradled the portable radio with his left so he could listen to Brad Sham and the Cowboys network, instead of Troy Aikman and the CBS guys.
Then everything starting working toward a boil. The food was almost ready, I was jumping between the kitchen and Cowboys Central, I mean the living room. The big feast was ready, but the game was getting to the nitty gritty. The Cowboys were playing well now, we yelled and it seemed like a holiday upset might occur. Just for us and the 93,985 watching at Jerry's Space Ship in Arlington. For a minute my sinus headache cleared and I saw Reggie Bush fumble and all seemed well. Surely this was break the boys needed to win it the game. Minutes later it was Roy Williams making a great catch and run, but getting his pulley bone yanked and the ball squirted out, just like hot gravy on the stove. Then the Cowboys were behind. But still had time enough to win, or tie.
It was at this pivotal moment I discovered something. I found out why 14-year NFL veteran Jon Kitna has been a backup most of his career, he is just not good enough to make the plays late with a close game on the line against a quality opponent. So what was left was little more than a holiday wish.  A 59-yard field goal try by David Buehler. It was high enough, maybe long enough, but like Kitna, a little off.
The Saints had proved heavenly - again, Buehler, Buehler, Buehler missed it. But I fault Kitna for not getting the team closer.
Then, like indigestion, the finality of the result settled in over the house. I had already eaten, my brother-in-law filled his plate and quickly turned TV channels and put away his radio. He was not in the mood to hear the commentators pick the meat off the bones of the defeated Cowboys. Not today, not on this day of thanks.
Yes, I had a good Thanksgiving. None of my teams won. But I had lots of good stuff to eat.
We started the drive back through the rain and cold wind. I kept thinking back, back to what might have been. Not the Roy Williams fumble... I had other regrets.
Not about the game, but why O why, I did not get some pie.
That bad decision will haunt me forever or at least until Christmas.
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