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Home Blogs The Arts Who knew you could find the world's best lobster bisque in KNOXVILLE?

Who knew you could find the world's best lobster bisque in KNOXVILLE?

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Just got back to the room from dinner at Connor's ... here in landlocked Knoxville is the best lobster/crab bisque I've ever tasted. Who knew?

Connor's is located in the lush Turkey Creek area, just off I40 in West Knoxville. Turkey Creek is a sprawling shopping center with 30 or so restaurants.

In addition to the bisque, we had calamari ... shrimp cocktail ... chicken pasta ... crab cakes .... salmon ... and fabulous prime rib ... and some great wine.

But the bisque ... ah ... the bisque. I've been to several state fairs and a lot of calf ropings and never tasted anything like it in all my travels to New England and the eastern seaboard.

It's tomato based, has a serious sherry backstory ... and loaded with lump crab and lobster meat. If velvet had a taste, it would be Connor's bisque.  I wish I could have it every day ... seriously. My practically perfect spouse liked it, which is a surprise because he will rarely taste anything that has even come close to a tomato.

The home made strawberry shortcake and creme brulee are also worth mentioning, but the bisque is what dreams are made of.

Here's a link to Connor's menu ....






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written by siulelbon , November 24, 2010
Love reading your updates. I'm glad you're having a good time!
written by StanWright , November 23, 2010
Arts Editor? You should be...The "Art of Dining" editor. Can't wait till the next adventure in eating.smilies/cheesy.gif

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