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Wildcats prepare for Bastrop blog

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"Beat Bastrop" week of practice began with perfect weather
The rain Monday held off until after practice.
Temperatures Tuesday were near 60, light, cool wind with a hint of winter in it. Bright sunshines filtering through gently falling leaves.
Back to football

BEAR TRACKS - The Wildcats are gearing up to beat the Bastrop Bears. Not to be confused with the Baylor Bears. O line coach William Blaylock was not discouraged by his former team's loss to the Aggies. He said, "We still got seven wins, we (Baylor) will get a nice bowl game."
Concerning the game Friday he said, "We're still blocking. We will keep blocking."

MAIN MANN- the usually vocal D.J. Mann, coach of wide receivers and part-time singer/philosopher was running routes. Showing his charges first hand how it is done. Later he gave up the physical work and went back to the mental side of the game saying to his group, "Let's beat Bastrop. We need to play fast, every play. There's no walking here."

THE OC - Offensive coordinator Jeff Riordan was doing drills and working on the quick, NASCAR offense.
"That wasn't good, that's hitting 33 percent," RIordan said. "That's not acceptable."

FOREVER YOUNG - the Wildcats defense is already geared up to stop the Bear attack, which is spearheaded by No. 8,
the quarterback/running back combination known as Josiah Monroe. Monroe who led an offense which scored 55 points and racked up more than 620 yards against Corsicana in bi-district last week.
"Don't be offside, that was sloppy," Defensive coordinator Matt Young said. "Don't let them draw you off. You got to know where to be."
Young said you can't stop a player like Monroe, but you can contain him and limit his damage.

GO- as in Greg Owens was not necessarily pleased with the focus of the practice. Tuesday was a main work day with the work to less until the game Friday. "We still got to play and make plays. We have to do a good job, but at times we have to ease up on the kids. They have been going since Aug. 2 and their legs get tired."
Owens said he is doing special sprints to remind the team that they are in the playoffs and members of dwindling group of high school football players still in action and not packing up shoulder pads for next year.
"This is a special time, last week it was 62 teams, now it's down 32 and next week it will be 16," Owens said. "We are not looking ahead, we have seen what is ahead of us. We have to do the work now in order to keep playing, moving toward our eventual goal. For the seniors this could be their last game, we don't want it to be - but we want them to play with a sense of urgency and what is on the line. This is not just another game."
"Last week we fell behind, but we found a way to win against Jacksonville, that is a positive," Owens said. "Bastrop had to comeback to beat Corsicana, they did it. They have been finding ways to win. We have to be able to stop them."


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