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Home Blogs From the Press Box Sulphur Springs playoff blog vs. Jacksonville

Sulphur Springs playoff blog vs. Jacksonville

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Sulphur Springs playoff blog
It was a wild game, an usual Thursday night football game that's for sure.
SWEET SCORING - the game went back-and-forth, the Wildcats finally winning 56-52 to take the bi-district title.
VETERANS DAY - at the stadium a moment of silence was observed with the game being played on Veteran's Day. Not to get out my drums, but that's a big holiday with me. I am not a veteran, but my dad was a Purple Heart winner, getting shot five times in WWII by German snipers. My nephew is now in the Navy serving. I think veterans and their families around the world deserve our admiration, praise and respect. Hat's off to all involved.
MAGICAL DATE - I should have known from the date, that the game would be squirrelly. It was the 11th game of the year for the Wildcats, played on 11-11. It was my 11th Sulphur Springs playoff game to cover.
BAD KHARMA - the last time Jacksonville was at TMF Rose Stadium they got hammered 62-18 by Longview. This time it was closer, but still not what the Jacksonville fans were looking for Thursday.
BLUE/GOLD everywhere, both teams shared the same colors. It did not affect the football teams that much. Sulphur Springs wore blue jerseys and white pants, the Indians were in all white. The drill teams were very hard to tell apart because of the outfits.
Interesting note- Sulphur Springs Blue Blaze director Christy McCullough was once the director of the Cherokee Charmers of Jacksonville, during that same time her husband, current SSHS principal John McCullough was a standout teacher/coach on the Jacksonville staff.
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written by a guest , November 18, 2010
Hi! I would love to enter this challenge! I have been interested in this genre for a while, but now have the timespace to actively learn more, and do more research, and hopefully come up with some kick- ass illustrations! Thanks.

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