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Home Blogs From the Press Box Wildcats prepare for Royse City

Wildcats prepare for Royse City

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The rain early in the week played havoc with football practice as the Wildcats began "beat Royse City" week.


CATS ON THE CARPET --The Wildcats, coaches and trainers did not brave the conditions outdoors Tuesday. Mainly because it too wet too work. The players went indoors for film study. Head coach Greg Owens said it was a shame the multipurpose building was not ready yet. But this time next year, it will be a moot point.

GRAY BUT OK - the weather was perfect for duck hunters. Overcast, cloudy, about 65 degrees. No rain fell as the practice was moved from the regular fields to the track/soccer field. The grass was squishy, not much standing water. The field was picked because it drains quicker than the other one does. Soccer goals were moved from under the goal post for maximum efficiency. Freshmen and JV shared half of the field for a while. Freshmen left at 4:21 and drills continued.

BAYLOR LINE - Coach William Blaylock continues to sprinkle in stories of his favorite college - Baylor in with his coaching. He said he was not shocked or surprised that the Baptist beat Texas in Austin.  Blaylock predicted "his nationally ranked Bears" would steamroll through Okie State and OU and keep on moving toward the Big 12 title. The Kool Aid he is drinking is green and gold - if you were wondering. RG III is a sight to see.

PASSING DRILL- members of the Sulphur Springs wide receivers corps said they had a good game against Texas High because "Salsa Circle" drill. This is a drill conducted by WR coach D.J. Mann who stands in the center of the circle and dishes off passes to players running around him in a circle. Players said they did not do it the week they played Sherman and lost 60-34. But since then the drill has been used, the result three consecutive 13-4A victories. Coincidence? Why mess with fate.

MAIN MANN -- Mann was praising the team following the 52-40 win over Texas High. "We got almost 700 yards of total offense (669 to be accurate) and we were barely trying. We have not even peaked. We have a better average per catch that Royse City. We are just getting warmed up." Dallin Sant returns from the injury list to catch a touchdown pass. Senior receiver Alvin Frazier had three touchdowns against the Tigers.

McCAIN's McNUGGETS- "Keep your feet under your shoulders. Get out of your breaks!" Coach Kurt McCain told defensive backs covering the WRs in the slick conditions.

KICK BACK - after taking what head coach Greg Owens called "a sabbatical" kicker Fernando Arellano is back wearing No. 10 and on the Wildcats. He will not be starting, that job stays with Tony Bravo. Bravo replaced Arellano last week and made all his kicks and a field goal. Bravo will be No. 14 on the roster. Arellano said he will be here until he finishes his senior year.

TRISTED OFF -- Defensive coach Triston Abron let it be known he did not like yellow penalty flags. He does not want players creating violations like illegal hands to the face which draw flags in games. He does not want too see it in practice. His point was registered.

THE OC - offensive coordinator Jeff Riordan kept a tight watch on his squad. He was instructing them to make the right reads. He said, "Execute your read, this is sloppy. You are not making plays. This is not good enough. We are not out here running routes for no reason."

DOUBLE THREAT - Irvin Anderson will have a busy few days. Anderson is a receiver and member of special teams on the football team. He will also be running Saturday morning in Arlington as a part of the cross country team as they participate in regional. Irvin said he does not have to do much special training to be in shape for cross country after going through football drills since August.

FOREVER YOUNG - Defensive coordinator Matt Young said he was encouraged by the team's performance against Texas High. In practice he was encouraging to the defenders under his charge. "Don't get caught up by the block, go for the ball. Make a play. That's better."





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