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Sulphur Springs beats T High blog

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What a fun Senior Night for all involved as the Wildcats beat Texas High and send the Tigers packing back up that long, lonesome I-30 back home with a loss. Sulphur Springs won 52-40 - a fitting final home game of the year.


SENIOR MOMENTS- -The game started with seniors being honored and that was the theme of the evening. Seniors were announced before the game with family members, not just the 23 football players, but others involved in school groups.

VARIED COLORS -- Pink again was a dominant color on fans, cheerleaders and other groups. Some fans donned Rangers' playoff gear. Claw and antlers all the way. Here's hoping that the home cooking in Texas will turn their World Series around.

FINAL CAPTAINS - for the football team, the last home regular season game of the year were Chris Sorley, Joe Scott, Chad Evans and Alvin Frazier. All seniors.

BAND TIME - Sulphur Springs had a 31-13 lead at intermission. Everyone seems in a good time for the halftime activities. The Texas High band, clad in orange and black, sit in with the near Halloween season. They played their favorite tune "Eye of the Tiger." Yo, Adrian.

The Sulphur Springs band had a different twist this time on their music of Memphis. The band had seniors dressed as Elvis Presley, (a total of 23 Elvi) complete with wigs, sunglasses, curled lips and a hunka, hunka talent to pull it off. Thank you very much Charles McCauley. That performance was so good, it made me want a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

TALK TIME - the second half saw Texas High rally and make a close game of it. The Tigers got within 45-40, but an onside kick try did not go their way. Texas High coaches argued and argued, walked onto the field to plead their case. But to no avail. No flags were thrown for the delay. But the call stood.

Two other flags thrown in the game were picked up when officials had conferences on the calls and changed their minds.

BRAVO FOR TONY - Tony Bravo, in his first varsity game was perfect. Making all eight extra points and a 36-yard field goal. I guess this former JV kicker is ready for the prime time as he replaced all-state kicker Fernando Arellano who moved to Mexico to play soccer.

NOTED VISITORS - the last game of the year brought back some special guests who recently had been successful at "The Prim." Arkansas Razorback pitcher Colby Suggs and UNT lineman Mason Y'Barbo, recent SSHS grads, came back to the field to see former teammates, one last time.

RECORD SETTER - down in Nacogdoches, the 14-4A squads put on a game for the record books. Jacksonville, a possible playoff foe the Wildcats, won a 12 overtime battle against Nacogdoches, 84-81. Nac took a knee several times as they tried to win by a large enough point total to make the playoffs. But the Indians held off the Dragons, winning by a field goal in the marathon battle which lasted 5 and 1/2 hours. After four quarters the teams were deadlocked at 28-all, who knew what record-setting things were ahead of them.


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