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RIGHT TO GRIPE: Voting is the key

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Griping is an American tradition. Griping about politics and, more specifically, politicians, is an American obsession. Truthfully, however, only a few of us have that right. We need to change those numbers.

If we don't vote, we should have our griping rights taken away. It's that simple. Voting is not only about our rights - but doing so gives us rights.

There really never is an unimportant election in the country. There is meaning and consequences to every public vote held. But you can honestly call Tuesday's mid-term election quite important - on a local, state and national level.

There are competitive races going on locally (County Judge and Precinct 2 Commissioner), on the state level (a huge race for State Representative) and, of course, on the national stage. All of these races will have a tremendous impact on each of us, from how our county operates to statewide decisions that effect local job creation to federal legislation that may well determine the direction of our economy and the fate of Obamacare on our medical profession.

History shows us that mid-term elections do not generate the interest that presidential races do. Even with competitive local races on the ballot, voters rarely turn out strongly for mid-term races.

This year, the numbers seem to be pointing toward more interest, though. As of early Friday, there had been over 2,000 early voters in Hopkins County. And national early voting trends show a positive movement upward over past mid-term elections.

We need, however, to keep that trend going on Tuesday. If you haven't participated in early voting, get busy now. Study the issues, study the candidates and go to the polls on Tuesday to cast a ballot. It doesn't take but a few minutes out of your day, but the impact on each of our lives could be great.

Plus, casting that ballot means you get to gripe later. And we know how important that right is to us all.




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