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Home Blogs From the Press Box Don't worry, Rangers will win

Don't worry, Rangers will win

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Don't worry, be happy. Watch the World Series and have fun. Relax, the Rangers will win it.


It won't be a cakewalk, but look for Texas to take it in six games.

The Giants pale in comparison with the teams the Rangers just beat. The Rays, the best team in the American League, but Texas beat them.

Then the Yankees, the best team money can buy, no match for Texas.

Then we have the Giants. A team I heard described as "two good pitchers and some misfits." Well they aren't going to be able to hang with Texas.

Mainly because of run production. All American League teams score an average of one run more a game than the NL. Texas beat the Yankees four times by five runs or more. The Giants only have scored five runs once in postseason.

So that is the magic number, if the Rangers get five runs, they will win.

The Giants do have quality pitching led by Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain. But the Rangers have good starting pitching as well. Pity the foolish Giants taking on Cliff Lee today at dusk. Then figure in Colby Lewis and all the rested others. Heck, Nolan Ryan might suit up.

Another good reason to pick the Rangers is their attitude and enthusiasm. They are having a great time and don't want it all to end. I think they will be playing for a while longer.

The Rangers open the World Series today in the land of the Giants. We will find out quickly who is swinging the big bats.

It's time.

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