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Reilly Springs News for Oct. 13, 2010

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The Reilly Springs Community is celebrating the 2 to 2.5 inches of rain that fell in our portion of the county on Monday morning. “We really didn’t need the lightning and storms, but rain was awfully nice.” said one of our residents. “I haven’t heard of anyone having any major damages, but the thunder and lightning was quite severe as the storm moved through our community.”

“With the weather ‘clearing out’ it means I have to get in the field and get the last cutting of hay up before it frosts,” said Kerry Bailey as he discussed the weather on Monday night. “With the cooler temperatures, I don’t think it will grow much more, and it isn’t going to bale itself.”

A large crowd of Reilly Springs residents were at the Monday night meeting at the Community Center to discuss the roads in this area of the county with Commissioner Beth Wisenbaker. “We’ve got some major road repair in our part of the community,” echoed several of the citizens. “We need the trees trimmed higher and some of the roads graded.”

Wisenbaker informed the group that she will be in the area working in the next couple of weeks, and was asking for a list of problems that needed to be addressed. Of course, funding for materials was a major issue in making the improvements that needed to be made, long-term.

Meanwhile, at Monday night’s meeting, Justice of the Peace Yvonne King challenged everyone to have a “Clean-up Day” and collect trash around their places. She has asked Wisenbaker to provide a dumpster to dispose of the trash. Wisenbaker informed the group that there is a dumpster for trash available all the time at her county precinct barn, to dispose of approved materials.

“It’s good to get out and have the meetings to bring the community together,” King said following the meeting. “Hopefully, we can get our trash picked up and the roads improved some before winter begins.”

Sympathy is extended to the Luther McCullough family. Luther passed away early Tuesday morning after almost a week in Hopkins County Memorial Hospital. Luther will be sorely missed, but has lived a long and useful life and touched the lives of many in this community. He “first arrived” in this community as his “attention was captured” by Billie Faye Attlesey. Luther persevered, and he and Billie Faye were married. She preceded him in death.

Visitation will be Thursday night at Tapp Funeral Home, from 6 to 8, with funeral services at 1 p.m. Friday at the Old Reilly Springs Methodist Church. Burial will follow in Reilly Springs Cemetery.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Terry and Leslie, as they deal with their loss.

Do you ever have a “blast from the past” that just comes out of nowhere? Well, this past week, Vera Harrington called and told me that if I needed to contact her, that she was headed to Waxahachie to move the granddaughters’ playhouse to their new home. She and Ernest Aaron were taking a trailer and going to attempt to move it from one location to another. As we were talking, she allowed that it was the very same playhouse that had belonged to Mitzi and Mary as we were all growing up in Reilly Springs, and had been remodeled for the girls. Several of us remember playing inside and outside that playhouse as children.

Ol’ Greg Price possibly can remember throwing cow chips on the roof of the structure when all the girls had ignored us and went inside to escape the barrage of “artillery” readily available on a Hopkins County dairy farm.

Mary Harrington Burns, Charlotte, Caroline and Elizabeth were all weekend visitors in Reilly Springs as Mary attended her high school class reunion.

I visited with Rhandi Fails and Debra Stribling at Monday’s meeting. They went to Brayden’s football game on Saturday. Brayden and his team won, and then Brayden spent the remainder of the weekend at the Stribling’s farm with Grammy and Pawdaddy.

While in Reilly Springs, Brayden and little Case Fails took the opportunity to do a little bit of “pumpkin carving,” so look for some jack-o-lanterns in that part of the community.

I received a call this week that Enola Gay is planning another Reilly Springs Jamboree on Saturday night. She indicated that she would be featuring a number of high school-aged youths on her show this time. Doors will open at 6 p.m., and the Reilly Springs Community Center board will be serving dinner in the kitchen of the  center, so make plans to come early and enjoy the show.

Artie Mae Bailey reminded everyone that the sale of concessions at the Reilly Springs Jamboree provide the upkeep for the Community Center, and that by supporting them, the center continues to be well-kept and available for everyone to use.

Former Reilly Springs resident Joe Bailey, who now lives in Mississippi, plans to be at Saturday night’s show for a book signing. Bailey has written a book, “A Good Man’s Decision” and hopes to make a movie. Bailey plans to hold interviews with possible actors at Main Street Theater at 1:30 p.m. If you’re interested in “becoming a star,” make plans to attend auditions.

Meanwhile, many in this community were reminded this week of Mr. Finis Attlesey when the Rangers were competing in the play-offs. Mr. Finis is certain to be “looking down” and enjoying the Rangers as they advance in the competition, as he was an avid Texas Rangers fan.




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