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Failure to launch at 22?

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Dear Delores,

I have a 22 year old daughter who is going through the motions of working and going to school. She does not listen to the many house rules and comes and goes as she likes and does a lot of going out until the early morning hours and then sleeps most of the day and night I can not tolerate her life style which my be homosexual related. She is very disrespectful and loud at time. It is taking a huge toll on me and we are not getting along at all. I want her to leave. But how. She would make a huge full in which the whole neighborhood would hear. How should this be done?



First of all, your neighbors don't have perfect children either. Don't worry about what they think, take care of your own household. If she's not following your rules and that is important to you, then change the locks if she doesn't leave when you ask her to.

But, remember, she's only 22. Don't ostracize her just because she's going through a wild phase. She'll probably come around if you give her a little breathing room and understanding. Make sure she knows that you disagree with the choices she makes, but that you love her anyway. And no matter how many times you tell her that what she is doing is wrong, she has to realize that on her own.

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