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Best/Worst of 2008

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Now that the end of the year is upon you can expect more and more Best/Worst of 2008 lists!  Don't you just love this time of year.

Right now I have the best/worst Hollywood couples of 2008 from Hollywood.com.  This is a long (and detailed) one, so get ready...

The Best: Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel -- Justin gives Jessica piggyback rides. Last seen doing so in a small Italian village off the Amalfi coast (the location itself just triples the "aww" factor.

The Worst: Ryan Reynolds & Scarlett Johansson -- When Scarlett married Ryan, she got a whole lot un-sexier. Before she was a Missus, everybody crushed on the girl wearing her underwear in Lost in Translation.


The Best: Vanessa Hudgens & Zach Efron -- Zac and Vanessa give new meaning to the term "high school sweethearts."


The Worst: Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey -- The Best: David Beckham & Victoria Beckham -- an entire decade and three children later, the Beckhams are still a glamorous tale of happily-ever-after.  

 The Worst: Hayden Panettiere & Milo Ventimiglia -- Milo showed no shame when he lusted after  his on-the-boob-tube little niece, despite the fact that Heroes' infamous cheerleader was still… a child.


The Best: Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon -- Reese fits perfectly in Jake's nook. Which is almost as cute as Jake  holding hands with Deacon, Reese's five-year-old son with Ryan Phillippe.


The Worst: John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston -- Jennifer took John back after he used the gossip blogs to tell his version of the breakup, ahem, he broke up with her and performed spur-of-the-moment one-man comedy show where Jennifer was the butt of most of his jokes.


The Best: Rihanna & Chris Brown -- Chris spent $800 on sexy undies for Rihanna. A little lingerie was perhaps the perfect pick-me-up for Rihanna after her fainting spell on stage in Sydney.


The Worst: Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo -- Tony is embarrassed by Jessica. There's the whole curse thing; so long as he dates her, Tony and the rest of his Dallas Cowboys won't win anything.


The Best: Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi -- Ellen uses her talk show as her sharing-means-caring sounding board. She reveals awesomely romantic things about her life with Portia, like: "This is completion."


The Worst: Paris Hilton & Benjie Madden -- No matter how much Paris blogs about all that love she's got for Benji, we still don't believe her. They just don't fit. He's a bit of a schlub with dorky tattoos.


The Best: Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey -- Jenny brings out the mature side of Jim and Jim brings out the mature site of Jenny. Before their hook-up they individually thrived off being very annoying. But now Jim loves Jenn's autistic son like he's his own, and together, they campaign for the fight against autism.


The Worst: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes -- Maybe Katie likes Tom's controlling ways, but in most TomKat photographs, she either looks (a) crazy -- as trademarked by Tom Cruise himself, (b) submissive in a "Yes, sir" way as Tom leads her along with a shove at the waist, or (c) sad.


The Best: Seal & Heidi Klum -- Seal is romantic. He even values a kiss from a rose. Heidi and Seal have co-performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, collaborated on a duet, a song that Seal wrote for their nuptials, and annually, they co-host a killer Halloween fete. Couples that put Halloween makeup on together, stay together.


The Worst: Heidi & Spencer -- their seemingly fake relationship thrives on betrayal, BS arguments, and plastic surgery.

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