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Meeting Ms. Mabel

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It was finally my treat. On Monday, Sept. 27 I had the pleasure of meeting the newly-famed milkshake maker Mabel Wheat of Cooper.

Wheat was recently given the red carpet treatment by the Texas Rangers Ball club, and she has the stories and memorabilia to prove it. After countless years as a Rangers fan, 89-year old Wheat got the treat of her lifetime as a limousine pulled into her driveway ready to escort her, her family and her boss off to the Rangers game at the Ball Park in Arlington. There they were provided with a suite, interviewed on live television and even hugged the one of the new Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg.

I had just recently covered the event for the News-Telegram but after speaking with the spunky Ms. Mabel Wheat on the phone I decided I just had to meet this little lady in person too. Yet, I have to admit the temptation of her special homemade ice cream she has perfected over the past 60 years at Miller’s Pharmacy also called to my taste-buds.

So Monday afternoon my three youngest children and I made the short trek from Sulphur Springs to Cooper. It was worth it. Not only are the milkshakes and sweet treats truly authentic, but so is the soda fountain and its surroundings. Wheat uses the original cash register to ring up customers. With your order, Wheat serves up a smile and friendly conversation especially for sports fans.

She seemed to know all and know of all who walked through the door. Wheat works diligently making each order with great consistency and love. When customers walk through the door at Miller’s Pharmacy, it is like a trip back in time. There aren’t any computers or beeping of automated machines at this soda fountain.

“We usually have a line around the corner on Saturdays,” the busy milkshake maker said. It is definitely a stop on the road map worth making. Looking for something good around here – Mabel Wheat is the treat.

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arts junkie
written by a guest , October 05, 2010
Cindy: Great, feel-good blog. Way to go.

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