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Reilly Springs News or Sept. 22, 2010

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The Reilly Springs community is welcoming the autumn season and some nice early morning temperatures, this week. “It’s absolutely wonderful to get up of a morning and it be cool and ‘hazy’," allowed Vera Harrington. “It is letting us know that there is some cooler weather on the way and that before too long the trees will be turning and the autumn season will be in full swing.

“If you were up early on Sunday morning, the haze was everywhere, above the lakes and pools and making you aware that the temperatures are truly changing.” continued Vera.

Several in our community received a small amount of rain Saturday night as storms moved through Hopkins County with some intense lightning and thunder.

The storms were a pleasant excuse to snuggle beneath the covers after a busy week at the Hopkins County Fall Festival. Many from our community were involved in the events, from cooking stew and exhibiting tractors to “crawling babies,” livestock exhibitions, and arts and crafts.

Congratulations to James and Tonya Ross on receiving an “honorable mention” on their pot of stew, and to Slayton McClendon for winning third place in the baby crawling contest Friday.

If the Fall Festival wasn’t enough to keep everyone busy, a large portion of our community was in Brashear Saturday night for the beautiful outdoor wedding of Kyle and Misty Koon. The wedding joined Kyle and Misty, but also united all of our neighbors from Reilly Springs, Como, and Pickton, as well as loads of family and friends.

The outdoor ceremony overlooked the beautifully landscaped lake and offered a beautiful sunset to the west.

While at the wedding, I had the opportunity to visit for a few minutes with Dustin McClendon, and he revealed all of their news from the Metroplex area. He also mentioned that he hadn’t had the opportunity to drop by to see Earnest Mack and Sarah McDonald Boyd in their new home in North Dallas, but he plans to visit.

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to visit with Vickie Longino, and she had talked to the Boyds and reported that they were enjoying their new home and making plans for a short visit back to Big Spring to visit with friends, so call before you plan on a visit to Sarah and Ernie to catch up with them.

The entire Lawrence family was back in Hopkins County from Muleshoe, and weekend visitors with Joyce McDonald, Weldon and Jana DeWitt, and Danny and Shannon Lawrence, as they were here for the Koon-Moss wedding. Landri Lawrence and Kobi Kirby carried the sign proclaiming “Here Comes the Bride” and were followed by little Ayden Koon, who “kept them in line” and escorted them down the aisle.

Judy McDonald Jones hosted the bridesmaid luncheon at her home on Saturday morning. I spied Weldon DeWitt and little Sam Lawrence taking in the Hopkins County Stew Contest, so they didn’t have to participate. Of course, Weldon was “really burdened” showing-off his new grandson at the Fall Festival.

Meanwhile, many of the men in the wedding party were enjoying a golf game at Land’s End on Lake Fork Saturday morning.

I visited with Sheila Koon for a few minutes on Monday, and she reported that she was beginning to “get rested” from all of the wedding activities over the weekend. But she also reported an “almost disaster,” as she went back to check on some of the clean-up activities on Sunday morning at the lake. As she came to the gate to the property, she saw about 35 wild hogs were in the pasture between the gate and where the wedding had been on Saturday night. “Can you imagine what would have happened if they had decided to have ‘visited’ on Friday night and gone through decorations?” Sheila asked. “I guess all of us have got to begin to think about wild hogs when planning any kind of outdoor event.”

You can see pictures of the wedding on “Facebook.”

I saw Marilee Fisher and Blake and Kendra Fisher at the wedding. Marilee reported that J.R. and Vanessa are headed home this week. They had plans to make a side trip through Yellowstone National Park.their way home. “Hopefully, they’ll be home pretty quick,” related Blake. “I’m tired of ‘baby-sitting’ all of J.R.’s pigs.”

Kendra reported that she is enjoying her new job at Yantis ISD and getting to know all of the students and fellow teachers.

Vera Harrington spent a couple of days in Waxahachie last week visiting with Mitzi, Mary and the granddaughters. While there, Caroline  almost took a spill while completing a riding lesson when a cat spooked the horse. “But I hung on,” declared Caroline.

Mary and her family are in the process of moving to a new home, and Vera has been “called to duty” to help get everything “straight.” I’m sure that everyone will be glad to get moved and settled at the new location.

Vera also reported that Betty Price has been back in the hospital. Give Bobby a call to monitor her progress and remember her in your thoughts and prayers.

Meanwhile, the Stribling family has been busy. Rhandi reported that she, Debra, and Case were on the road Saturday to attend Brayden’s football game at Boles Home south of Greenville. Brayden’s team won 25-0, so it was time to celebrate.

Brayden left the game and came back home to spend the weekend with them in Reilly Springs.  Saturday night, the Stribling family took David out to eat at Double-C Steakhouse in Winnsboro to celebrate his birthday.

Vera reported that we have a new resident in our community. He is Chad Collins, a welder, and has moved into the “red roof” house on County Road 1436. Welcome to Reilly Springs, Chad.

I visited a few minutes with David Stribling Jr. this week at Cumby ISD, where he was busy working the many homecoming activities. David serves as the yearbook advisor at Cumby High School and was taking photos of the Cumby Homecoming Court and all the students who had dressed for “Pajama Day.” David reported a week full of activities, ending with the Homecoming King and Queen coronation, football game, and dance Friday night. Meanwhile, David is also trying to make all of the Sulphur Springs football games as his step-son is in the Wildcat Band.

As you can see, the folks from Reilly Springs have been busy all week, and continue to attend a variety of events. There’s certainly no reason to be “bored” with all of the events taking place. “Who said things were going to ‘slow-down’ once everyone got back to school and autumn arrived?”

Until next week, enjoy the beginnings of autumn, and remember our troops who defend our freedoms. Ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America.




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