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Home Blogs The Arts A parrothead on the other end of the line ... what are the chances?

A parrothead on the other end of the line ... what are the chances?

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So, my practically perfect spouse and I are taking his mother and my mother on a week-long trip through Tennessee in late November. We're spending Thanksgiving with our son, who lives in Knoxville.

This morning, I was on the Internet looking on the Knoxville tourist site for a place to stay. I found rooms at a place that met our requirements - close to the kid's place ... breakfast ... queen-sized beds ... quiet neighborhood ... at the unbelievable price of $64.50 per night, not per person.

The kid who took my call was really nice. He was a great PR person for the property, answering all my questions with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, telling me how clean the property was and how good the breakfasts were. He had been with the Hilton chain, but lost his job in the economic downturn. He said he really liked the company who managed the hotel (Comfort Inn Suites at Cedar Bluff).

He asked how I found their site. I told him my story.

He said, "You're going to like Knoxville. It's a really pretty city."

I said, "I was through there last year, but it was a real quick trip. I sailed through to pick up my son. We headed to D.C. for Jimmy Buffett's Labor Day Weekend Show."

He said, "Jimmy Buffett? I love Jimmy Buffett. I met my wife at a Jimmy Buffett show. We've been married 12 years."

I gave the national parrothead salute of "Phins up!" (Kinda like a thumbs up.)

He responded, "Phins up!"

What are the chances of calling a hotel in Knoxville, finding just what you need at a GREAT price *and* getting another parrothead on the phone to book your reservations?

Meant to be, if you ask me.

Watch my blog for more on the Mathews/McCrary Tennessee Trek. Hope it all goes this smoothly.



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