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Home Blogs The Arts Questions that bother me so: Is RUBICON'S Dallas Roberts related to John Ritter and why should I care?

Questions that bother me so: Is RUBICON'S Dallas Roberts related to John Ritter and why should I care?

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Just look at this photograph of the late John Ritter.

Now check out this shot of Dallas Roberts, the young actor from "Rubicon" and tell me there's not an eerie resemblance.

I could hardly follow the plot during the show's first two or three episodes because Miles (Roberts' character) was so distracting. When it finally dawned on me that the kid was a ringer for the late comedian, I went out an searched the internet trying to find out if the two are related. (They're not.)

I started watching AMC's new series this season, thinking it might be a good lead-in for my favorite show, "Mad Men." I was wrong.

Although the show's premise is tried and true ... us versus the bad foreign guys ... the writing is too slow and plodding for me. There are too many twists and turns ... one of the good guys dies in a train accident early on ... but it wasn't really an accident ... or was it?

Why is a secretary inside a highly secretive intelligence agency spying on her boss ... on behalf of HIS boss?

Why do crossword puzzles involving shamrocks matter?

Why does a man put a gun in his mouth after finding a shamrock on his desk? I thought shamrocks meant good luck. Not.

Why are people following the new team captain?

Why does no one wear any color but black, brown, white?

Why is there no color ANYWHERE in ANY SCENE ... well, except for the green in the ever-present shamrocks.

Why don't even highly secretive intelligence agencies EVER clean their windows?

How can a handful of men control the whole world?

Are we really watching everything everywhere in the world?

How does the number 13 figure into the plot?

How do we pay for all the people who stand at windows and spy on the government's spies?

How does a little afternoon delight make one of the guys who controls the world contemplate suicide?

What connects a run down garment manufacturing company and the deaths of two powerful men?

And, of course, the big one .... Why should viewers care?

So far, the writers have given me no reason to spend my precious free time trying to figure it all out. I've been hanging on for the past couple of weeks, but I'm about to give up. Instead of being interesting, all the dead ends, red herring and mind numbing innuendos just make my head hurt.





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written by a guest , October 30, 2012
I saw Dallas Roberts on The Good Wife and on The Walking Dead and kept thinking I saw him somewhere before. Then it dawned on me, he reminds me of John Ritter! I wonder if they are related....?

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