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Home Blogs News Room Musings Looking forward to seeing Paramore live Friday

Looking forward to seeing Paramore live Friday

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Paramore is a name well known in my household.

The first time I’d heard the Tennessee band was as a ringtone on my guy’s cell phone. That was about 2 years, and the quality of sound was far from representative of Paramore.

In fact, when I asked about it and he said it was Paramore, the reader in me heard paramour. So, I asked him if he even knew what a paramour is; I mean, it was my ring tone on his phone! Of course, he thought Paramore, and band. Was comical. And, I shrugged them off, and even scoffed at what he’d played.

Then, I heard two of their songs on “Twilight” the movie, including “Decode” which sounded nothing like the electronic tings of the cell phone. So much so that I went out and bought the soundtrack. I think the last soundtracks I bought were “Beaches” and Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory.” My son, who had only a budding interest in the music his dad plays and listens to, even had to have a copy.

I saw them on MTV awards and the more I learned the more I wanted to hear of Paramore. So I bought “All We Know Is Falling.” The title song, “Emergency,” “Pressure,” “Never Let This Go,” “My Heart” were familiar. We also learned to like “Who,” “Conspiracy” and “Franklin” as well.  My son can sing all the words and knows from the opening notes which song it is.

These songs quickly went to my favorites list that included Evanescence, with songs that calm and rage depending on the mood and volume at which they’re played. Wasn’t sleeping well during that stint, so both sang me to sleep often.

Before too long, I acquired Paramore’s sophomore album “Riot!” Turns out I already knew a few songs off that album too and quickly learned all the others. “Crushcrushcrush” had gotten plenty of radio play, and “That’s What You Get” and “That’s What You Get” and “Misery Business” were beginning to. I hadn’t know that Paramore was responsible for “crushcrushcrush,” but in hindsight I should have. This album was a bit different, but definitely along the same style. A friend got me an advance release of “Ignorance” as well. Loved it.

When “Brand New Eyes” was released, I got it to see if this one held the same appeal. This wasn’t what I expected. Some songs had to be played through and really listened through before I decided I liked them. This was more melancholy in some ways, and hopeful and more fatalistic in others.

Paramore has a sound all their own, as unique as they varying shades of red in lead singer Hayley Williams’ hair. If you haven’t checked them out, or heard of Paramore, you’ve probably been living outside the mainstream — possibly under a rock. They’ve been nominated for several awards, and in fact both Paramore and lead Hayley Williams are nominated for VMAs, the band for their “Ignorance” video and Williams along with B.o.B. for “Airplanes.”

Video from performances are high energy. Their “Brick by Brick” video was perhaps the most imaginative and colorful, Alice burying her demons.  Hayley’s blonde look in this video was very hard to get used to. Most of their videos are very real, almost in your face, like their music — real.

My son, while in Virginia, got to see Paramore live for his 12th birthday — his first official concert and first time seeing his fave band live. He was impressed by the “band from Sweden,” said he liked “New Found Glory” best of the three bands opening for Paramore, but was most impressed by his favorite group. He enjoyed songs from all three albums, as well as “Decode,” and said it was definitely worth the drive and wait to see Paramore live.

I will have the opportunity to learn for myself Friday night in Grand Prairie. I’ll let you know how the concert goes, if they get as high a live rating as they have recorded at my house.

For more about Paramore, visit: http://www.paramore.net

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