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A long time coming

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The state champion Wildcats -- who would have thought a generation ago that we would ever get to say that -- don't know what their accomplishment means to those of us who once wore the blue and gold. They don't know how long we've held onto the hope that we'd get to be a part of something like this.

This year's team helped erase the memories of the three-decade playoff drought so many of us endured, a dark time when it didn't seem there was anything that could change the psyche of a program that seemed destined to be a district doormat forever.

The term "Suffering Springs" was a derogatory slap used by other towns to describe the Wildcat football program a generation ago. State championship wasn't a dream -- it wasn't even dreamed of.

But, we have now been a part of something special -- we may have just been in the bleachers and not on the field -- but we all feel like we were a part of it because something this intoxicatingly inspiring envelopes us all, sweeping us up in the excitement and exhilleration.

Saturday's victory was all about this year's players and coaches, but it wasn't just for them. It was also for all of us in Sulphur Springs, and I think it was especially sweet for the fomer players, some of whom were driven to the brink of tears by the release of emotion.

State champions. Two words that say it all.

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