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Home Blogs The Arts Who thought "Mad Men" would EVER be boring?

Who thought "Mad Men" would EVER be boring?

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Never thought I'd post this: I was bored with tonight's episode of "Mad Men."

Everything was so predictable.

Old clashes with new over the Pond's Cold Cream account.

Juvenile pranks to get back at one's parents.

Pretending to be chaste and pure in order to "get a guy."

The office Christmas party - and all the cliches that come with it.

A sadistic client who knows he has the agency on the ropes.

The boss' fling with yet another doe-eyed secretary.

The holiday blues.


The writers are so much better than this.

So, did anyone watch the first two episodes of "Rubicon"?




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written by siulelbon , August 04, 2010
I didn't think it was THAT bad. Not the best episode, by any means, but I think it was far from terribly boring. The premiere was much better, of course.

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