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Home Blogs News Room Musings SSISD joining city, Chamber to coordinate big celebration on the square in Jan. to honor state champs

SSISD joining city, Chamber to coordinate big celebration on the square in Jan. to honor state champs

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The exact date is on hold, but the biggest “Tailgate Party of the Year” will he be held in a few weeks to celebrate the Wildcats’ first state football championship in proper style. The original plan was to hold the celebration on Monday, Jan. 5, said Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce President Meredith Caddell, but after conferring with Coach Owens, they’ve decided to hold off on the exact day.

Caddell did say that it is expected to be some evening the week of Jan. 5, however.
“The plan is that it’s going to start at 5 p.m., and then we’ll bring in the team, the cheerleaders, the band and everyone else we need to at 6,” said Caddell. “At that time, we’ll be doing the recognitions and the congratulations and honors.”
Nothing is set in stone yet, Caddell added, as organizers still need to get in touch with all the Wildcat coaches, as well as the leaders of the cheerleaders, band and drill team to coordinate all the activities.
However, if all goes as planned, there will be live music and more after all the honorary recognitions have been taken care of.
“We’re calling it ‘The Tailgate Party of the Year,’” Caddell explained. “It will be on the square, and people can bring their barbecue cookers like they would at the game, and there will be burn barrels to keep warm by, things like that.”
The Chamber, the city of Sulphur Springs and Sulphur Springs Independent School District are all more than happy to be coordinating the event to properly recognize the incredible efforts of the Wildcats to bring the school and city its first-ever high school football championship. But anyone who wants to help sponsor the event is more than welcome to lend a hand.
“Anyone who wants to be a sponsor can give us a call here at the Chamber,” Caddell said.
The number to the Chamber is 903-885-6515. That’s the same number the Chamber has had for years at its former location, but the offices recently moved to downtown. The Chamber is now located at 300 Connally Street, on the southwest corner of Connally and Davis streets.

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Congradulations from Another "BRONCO" Fan
written by William Holcomb Sr. , January 02, 2009
Excellent Job to the Coaches and staff,and Players form Sulphur Springs.Just wanted to say that Sulphur Springs was a Class Act,On the street,in the Hotels and in the Game.Hope to see yall again in the future.So keep up the "SPIRIT" and GOOD Job.Best Game I've ever witnessed in football...Bill Holcomb Sr.
written by Don and Linda Gammill , December 27, 2008
We have had season tickets for the last 36 years...same spot. We have sat through the good and bad games. I just wanted to say that this season's athletics are the best I have watched in any class (including class 5A). Thanks to all of the coaches, players, band, drill team and fans for a fantastic year. YOU MADE US PROUD.
Way to go Cats!
written by Wildcat Fan , December 26, 2008
Congraulations Wildcats! Being a Wildcat fan my entire life and a graduate of SSHS, class of 1991 I am so proud of your football Championship! Being a Wildcat fan has had its ups and downs for many years. Sitting through the rough yrs made this one so much sweeter for many of us... It was something that many of us had hoped for but thought would never happen. So I thank you for not only your great accomplishment but for making it reality to our wonderful town and all the great Wildcat Fans!! Great job Wildcat players, coaches, band, cheerleaders, and drillteam!!
Congrats from a Dayton Bronco Fan
written by Amanda , December 23, 2008
I just wanted to stop by and say congrats to you on your victory.Good luck to you in the years to come.
We here in Dayton are proud of our Broncos.It was a awesome game,and a memory that will live forever for both towns.
Our moto to our youth in Dayton is to ALWAYS BELIEVE.Theres always next year.
Again congrats to the football team the fans and the town of Sulphur Springs
Congratulations from 66 Grad
written by Steve Beckham , December 23, 2008
What a season and final game. My son and I attended all the playoff games and the final in SA was unbeliveable. I am so happy for the team, Coach Owens, and the entire coaching staff. I am very proud of my hometown and the support given to the greatest football team in SS history. I can't wait for next year and I hope to see many of our fine players in the near future at various colleges. I would like to see several at Texas Tech or many other Texas Universities.
Way to go Guys!
Arlington, Texas
Congrats from a former resident
written by Joseph Elerson , December 22, 2008
Congratulations to all of the coaches, players and the fans of the Wildcats for a great football season. I wish I could have been there to experience with you guys since I was a part of the News-Telegram staff for the last four years and have supported you throughout the entire season in a new location.

You deserve this state title and are a great bunch of athletes for the town of Sulphur Springs. Be proud of what you have accomplished and never forget what you accomplished in 2008. Congrats once again on a great season.
written by Deborah Wright , December 20, 2008
Congratulations Wildcats!!!! Unbelievable Game. Everyone of you including players and coaching staff are amazing. You have made your hometown proud!!!

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