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Home Blogs News Room Musings 4: 36 left ... FUMBLE!!!!!!! WE'RE GONNA WIN STATE!!!!

4: 36 left ... FUMBLE!!!!!!! WE'RE GONNA WIN STATE!!!!

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Rashad Hall catches the paSS, spins , rips, he's down at the 31 of Dayton. Young into the secondary, power running past the 20.

THe offensive line is pumped, says KSST's Don Julian.

Pass in the flat to Jace ... oh, dang, flag on the play. Holding, Wildcats, ball back to the 35.

2rd and 13; Rollison running, lot of blocks, gets to the 24, 2 yards short.

3rd and 2. Rollison snap, run up the middle for Young, First and 10!

Julian says Ryan's pulling a Jim Brown by getting up slow.

Snap to Rollison, screen play ... incomplete.

10:18 to play

2nd. and 10 from the 20; handoff YOung, breaks a tackle, down to the 15 or so, thank you for the block, Shane McQueen!

Rollison, fade, CAUGHT FOR A TD BY SHANE McQUEEN. "Just a great catch. A great catch. He was covered on that one, too" KSST's Rogers says.

And for the 9th time, Rogers says the Northeast Texas Farmers co-op salues the wildcats.

Bill Bradford says this is the game of a lifetime, and heaven knows, if anyone can be sure, it's Brad!

New score, Wildcats 63, Dayton BRONCOS 41.

Dayton at their 34, Green runs for about 3 yards. Jameson Dial ignores the block nad holds him up so Dylan Verner and Co. can take him down.

Pass ... dropped. Wildcats were comin' hard, anyway.,

Third and 3 from the 41.

8:36 left

Dugat runs up the middle, breaks a tackle, Colton Nash runs him down.

First down at the 41, a run for a gain of 2

7:43. The clock ticks.

38 yard line, Green getting the call from teh sideline .. tick tick.. tick tick...

Fake to the FB, Green breaks into the secondary for a first down run.

Green throws long, and who else? A.J. Dugat catches it in the end zone.

Dayton going for two (They're still down 2 TDs and three PATs). Not anymore. Dugat catches the 2 pointer.

About 6 minutes left.

Onside kick? Wildcats watching (10 people between the 40 adn 50), but it's a deep kick; Shane McQueen gets it to the 29.

Ryan Young takes the handoff, say it with me, "He's at the 35 the 40, the 45 the 50, across the 40 and down at the 38!!!!!!

Dayton learns to watch for Young; his next run gains 2, maybe 1.

2nd and 9, 5:45 left.

Rollison takes snap, runs, no block, nice effort for no gain.

3rd and nine. Passing time? The snap, thrown to Rashad Hall, who's behind everyone ... but it's overthrown. 4th and 9, Colton Nash on to punt.

Uh-oh, Rollison's limping; a cramp or does he need new ankle tape?

Dugat, who else, takes the punt to the 35, but there's a flag on the play (how cliche) ...

4:36 to play. Block in the back, receiving team, ball placed at the Dayton 10.

This is KILLING ME .....

Green, trips left, one right; Dugat goes left; big rush, caught by ? at the 15 FUMBLE ... Dayton gets it ba NO!!!! I'ts JOHNNY McSHEFFREY WITH THE BALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WE'RE GONNA WIN STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE GONNA WIN STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE GONNA WIN STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thanks for the great news....when I was far from home
written by Dan Bonner , December 20, 2008
Dear Wildcat fans,

Like hundreds of others who played for the Wildcats over the decades, I felt a true burst of blue pride when I read you blog this Saturday afternoon. Out in the middle of the Pacific, a far piece from Wildcat Stadium, you got word to me. Way to go, blue!!

Dan Bonner
Class of '68

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