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Sorry, I had to miss a few minutes on the way home.

Wildcats had the opening 2nd half kickoff and had one of those patented 3-play, 60 yard drives until Dayton decided to tackle the ball, knocking it loose about thier own 35.Couple of plays later, they get like a 40 yard run to make it 42-41, Wildcats ahead.

But Green kicks the PAT right, it hits the crossbar, and Wildcats still lead 42-41.

Wildcats drive NASCAR style again, and get down past midfield with big catches from Jace Jackson and Lamarcus Hendricks. A TD run gets called back for holding. I'm listening on the car radio, pull into the driveway, run into the house, kiss the wife, find a radio just in time to hear. Jimmy Rogers says Bulldogs are looking a little weary; moments later Ryan Young waltzes in untouched for their second score of the half! It's Cats up  56-41, 5:30 or so to go in the 3rd.


Dayton takes the kick to their 37. Green fakes, runs across the 40. I go get a drink to sit down, and suddenly it's 2nd and 17, Green passes downfield to Dugat, who double dribbles it.

3:21 left in the 3rd; Cats replenish their defensive line for some more pressure.

3rd and 17; Green looks, looks, hits a receiver, down to the Wilcat 17.

Flag down! Wait, Wildcats offsides.

An incomplete pass; Cat's pass rush getting closer ... closer

2nd and 10 from the 15; recieivers trips to the left; Green to the end zone ... KNOCKED AWAY by Day-Day Jackson!! Superman leaps high to save the day!!!

3rd and 10 pass up the middle is incomplete; a little plea for interference, but to no avail

Dayton calls time out; can ya blame 'em?

2:30 left until the fourth quarter countdown ...

The suspense is killin'

Here they come; four receivers, 2 lfet, 2 right.

Big Rush ...Throws ... A Diving CATCH .... NOOO!

Pass rush hurried Green just enough to make the pass off the mark, Don Julian says.

Garrett Ferguson holds his block, Wide receiver holds his block, Ryan Young runs big to the 36

Rollison rolls left looking for sumpin, anything, but no. Second down from the 32.


First down to Jace Jackson? Close to the marker? Chain gang comes out at the 47.
Rollison hands off to Young, ggain of 3.

3RD AND 6 after Ryan talked on 2nd down.

It's the end of the 3rd quarter.

Wildcats 56, Dayton 41

Sorry, Dayton, for referring to y'all as the Bulldogs. It's Broncos! No disrespect intended.


Back in a few.


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