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Home Blogs News Room Musings Wildcats Vs. Dayton: 2nd quarter update II

Wildcats Vs. Dayton: 2nd quarter update II

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3:18 left in the first half, Wildcats at the 39,

Jace Jackson catches an ON THE MONEY pass at about the six; that ball went, what, 55 yards in the air? With pinpoint accuracy!

Rollison takes the snap, almost scores, forward progress stops at about the 2 inch line.

Rollison races up FAST and runs in for a touchdown, the ball's loose, but he's already crossed the goal line.

Wildcats 42, Bulldogs 28.

A dangerous 2:30 to play in the first half gainst a VERY potent Dayton offense.

KSST announcer Jimmy Rogers; "If you're sitting on the edge of your seat, just stay there, 'cause this thing ain't over!"

Apparently there's a massive tomcat roaming the field and stands chasing pigens; a good-luck charm for the Cats?

2nd and a short 6, and short pass to about the Dayton 40.

3rd and three: Dayton QB Green, man in motion, Dugat handoff breaks out side tø the 45, 50 40, 35, pushed out of bounds.

(Dugat's their first team AP all-american.)

1st and 10, halfback takes it to the 17, taken down to the 18.

1st and 10, receivers left and right, Green rushed, goes off of Dugat as Green slips while throwing; Green may have popped his right (passing) hand on a helmet.

2nd nd 10; Green back to pass, caught but dropped at the 13, McSheffrey cold-cocks another Dayton receiver!

Time out for no discernable reason.

About 45 seconds left.

3rd and 4, 26 seconds, Green to pass, throws to Dugat but misses him. Green's hand or wrist is really hurting from the helmet hit earlier.

4th down, 41 seconds in the half.

Green 7 seconds to get play off, rushed, pass caught for a touchdown, receiver dragging his feet right at the end  line.

Cats had a shot at him but held up at the last second. Pass almost looked like a throwaway, receiver went way up to make a great catch.

Wildcats 42, Dayton 35

Man, I don't want to have to go to overtime on this one!!

35 seconds left in the half, and that's PLENTY of time for NASCAR offense to cover that much ground.

Dayton kicks ... deep to Lamarcus Kendricks, fumbles at 2, picks it up, down at the 10.

Will they try to cover 90 yards in 29 seconds? KSST doubts it. ...

28 seconds; two receivers left and right, Ryan Young gets a first down across to the 25, clock stops to move the chains, time out taken by the Wildcats.

Rollison deeeeep to Shane McQueen ... incomplete.

2nd and 10; Dayton has their best receivers back.

Over the middle, Jace Jackson catches for first down, takes a big hit but gets up like nothing touched him, 'cause HE'S A WILDCAT!!! GRRR!.

OK, Hail Mary, our blessed mother of the deep ball, here we go, 52 yards away ...

Nope, a dump off to Rashad Hall for 22 yards, but time runs out before he can drop and call a time out. Boo-Birds are heard in the Alamodome, rowd does not like the call (at least our side).

OK, I'm headed home. I hope this isn't a stupid idea, as I'm enjoying doing it. I'll try to keep it up, but can't make any promises.
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