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Home Blogs News Room Musings Wildcats Vs. Dayton: 2nd quarter update

Wildcats Vs. Dayton: 2nd quarter update

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Bruce Alsobrook here; I was just sending some e-mail updates to Team Jedi about progress at the Wildcats' state championship game and thought I'd just go ahead and post it in Newsroom Musings for all you folks that want to follow the action but don't have the spy equipment to snag KSST's signal from more than 40 miles away. We pick up the action about three minutes into the second quarter ...

I wish you guys could hear this. It's 3 minutes into the second quarter, and the score is Wildcats 35, Dayton 28. I think there's only been one defensive stop so far. It's WILD!!!!!!


Score is still 35-28 after Wildcats recover a Dayton Bulldogs fumble.

Ty Rollison hits about a 30 yard pass on third and long.

2nd and 10 at the 39; Rollison sacked at the 33.

3rd and 16; Rollison to Garret Ferguson overthown;

4th down: Wildcats' Colton Nash punts to the 20 ... inside the 15 ... rolls dead at the 11.

Dayton runs a dive for 8 yards.

About 5 m

2nd and 2 from Dayton 19: Pass completed, flag on the play ... facemask, second and 13 from the 9.

Direct snap up the middle clsose to the 22; first down.

a the 4 minute mark.

Snap to Green, pass broken up and nearly interceped by Darrell Franklin; jumped the route and nearly intercepted, broken up by Dugat.

Green to pass on 2nd and 10, Johnny McSheffrey smacks the receiver as the ball gets there to break it up

3rd and 10; Green to pass, almost intercepted, tipped by Jocko Spataro, Day-Day Jackson back to receive the punt.

Day Day across the 35, near the 39, where he's dropped.

3:18 to play in the first hald, plenty of time for the NASCAR offense to score.

Empty backfield, trips left, Dayton coaches freak out and call time ...

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