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THE ANTI-LEBRON: QB shows true class

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The LeBron James debacle has been beaten to death in news outlets across the country — if not the globe. Pampered superstar embarrasses himself and his sport with a juvenile attention grab. First, the hour-long television special to announce where he intends to play the next few seasons, then a big "look-at-me" party in his chosen Miami.

Who really cares. We really should be getting used to these antics from today's athletes.

Then an old story pops across the email, talking about another superstar, this one years past his glory days.


Roy Exum is a renowned writer, currently working for "the Chattanoogan.com" website. He recently penned a story about a former professional NFL quarterback who was on a plane to the Wounded Warrior Games in Colorado. This is an Olympic-style event for military "heroes" who have lost limbs or been otherwise physically maimed in Iraq or Afghanistan combat.

It seems this former All-Pro QB, who was also a military veteran, was sitting in the first-class section on the plane, talking with a friend of Mr. Exum's when a determind young female soldier, hobbling on crutches and missing one leg, boarded the plane and headed to the "cheap" seats. Our football star would have none of that. He quickly grabbed his carry-on, begged the soldier to take his seat and made his way to the back of the plane.

When a fellow passenger informed the soldier who the man was that gave up his seat, she started crying. An attentive flight attendant saw it all happen and informed the young soldier that it would be fine — there was an empty first-class seat in the manifest. The pilot locked the plane down so no last-minute standby passenger could board and the young soldier went to retrieve her good samaritan.

There was only one problem. The football star had found another injured soldier in the back of the plane, and once again gave up his first-class seat.

So two injured soldiers rode to the Wounded Warrior Games in first class, while a superstar football player fit his 63-year-old, 6 foot-3 inch body into the crowded coach seats.

Who was this generous athlete? Captain America himself, Cowboy legend Roger Staubach - the anti-LeBron James.




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