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Reilly Springs News for July 7, 2010

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Folks in the Reilly Springs community reported a great 4th of July weekend spent with family and friends, shooting a few fireworks, eating a little bit of BBQ, cutting some watermelons, and some even made a trip to the lake for swimming and boating.

“We worked,” expressed J.R. Fisher, as he described their family holiday. “We went to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and then had produce to pick, load and deliver. But this is the busy time of the year, and we’re planning a trip this week after the rush.”

Bryant and Marilee Fisher, and J.R. and Vanessa left on Tuesday for a Dairy Farmers of America meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. They plan to return on Thursday or Friday, and Marilee was hoping that all of the repairs had been made to her hotel after the recent floods. “We’ve been told that the portion of downtown Nashville, that we’ll be staying has already been restored,” expressed Marilee. “But I’m sure there is still a large part of the city that still has damage, no longer than it has been.

“We’re leaving Blake and Kendra in charge while we’re gone,” continued Marilee. “So if you see them out chasing hog’ you’ll know what they are doing.”

Feral hogs have recently been in the Fisher’s watermelon patch, rooting and destroying plants and melons. Neighbor Rick Shearer, killed two of the hogs, but they continue to do damage to both the watermelons and the corn.

The Fishers hosted the Mt. Zion Ladies’ Association last Friday for an outing and picnic. The women came down to purchase some produce and used the occasion to enjoy a picnic lunch in our community. he ladies all reported a nice time and enjoying the fresh produce they were able to take home with them.

And besides “tending to the hogs,” it’s countdown time for Blake and Kendra as they continue to attend to the last details of their wedding plans, scheduled for the end of the month. This is hoping that they slow down and enjoy the moment and relax just a little bit.

A wedding shower for J.R. and Vanessa is being hosted on Sunday afternoon in Sulphur Springs, as their impending wedding is two weeks following Blake and Kendra’s. Fisher bachelorhood is quickly coming to an end.

I visited with Vera Harrington on Saturday night at the concert and fireworks display on the downtown Square. She and her friend Martha Striblin, were waiting for the crowd to disperse, so they could load up the chairs from the event. Vera commented on what a great crowd had assembled on the downtown square, and how beautiful the fireworks were.

Vera also reported that she’d had a nice visit from John McNeil, who had ridden his motorcycle down from Oklahoma for a visit. She reported that John and a couple of his friends had made the trip and then turned around and made the return trip. “It’s raining in Oklahoma and we couldn’t be in the hay field, so we just decided to have a nice ride to Reilly Springs,” declared John. “I’ve been telling my friends about Reilly Springs, so it was time to take them here and show them.”

Vera was also making plans for a 4th of July trip to Waxahachie to see the daughters and granddaughters. “You’ve got to catch them on a holiday, because otherwise they are so busy with summertime activities,” lamented Vera. “But you want them to be involved in everything, too.”

I enjoyed a wonderful 4th of July celebration on Saturday afternoon at the Lake Quitman Cabin of Weldon and Jana DeWitt. The DeWitt, Koon, Vititow, McDonald, and Lawrence families all had a wonderful time with great BBQ, visiting, and lake activities. I got some good pictures of Landri, Sam, and Ayden as they played in the lake and on the banks.

Landri, Sam, Michael, and Jandi were all visiting for the holiday from Muleshoe and reported wet weather in that part of the state. “We were getting rain, so I couldn’t work in the fields, and decided to fly in and enjoy the holiday with everyone,” reported Michael Lawrence. “The crops are looking good, with some natural moisture, and it saves on irrigation water.”

Rhandi Fails reported that Braydon Stribling came to David and Debra’s on Friday night, and enjoyed the weekend with “Grammy and Pawdaddy,” as well as other family members.

On Saturday, David, Debra, Braydon, Rhandi, and Case traveled to Caddo Mills to the Strawn Family Reunion. They enjoyed visiting with family, playing games, and wagon rides.

Sunday was Debra Stribling’s birthday. Reports are that she enjoyed a “birthday lunch” at Joyce Gilbreath’s and was showered with gifts. Happy birthday, Debra.

M plans to be at the Reilly Springs Scavenger Hunt on Saturday morning, at 9 a.m., at the Reilly Springs Community Center. We have tickets at my office. You’ll arrive at the Community Center and be given your list of things to find and can spend a morning of collecting some items that are hidden at various places, from Reilly Springs on into Sulphur Springs.

Proceeds from the Scavenger Hunt will be used for maintenance and repairs to the Reilly Springs Community Center.

I promised you “one more” clue for the Scavenger Hunt. There is a well in the Reilly Springs community, that was dug in 1867 on the “Old McDonald Place.” The well was discovered by a former slave, Violet, who came to Texas with the Daniel N.C. McDonald family. Violet had the talent for “witching for water” and located the underground stream, soon after her arrival in the Reilly Springs Community. The well, although not still in use, has a “curbing” around it and is “detectable” from the highway. Find Violet’s Well and you will receive a “clue” for Saturday’s Scavenger Hunt.

Loads of clues are waiting in our community for you to be the winner of Saturday’s “Grand Prize.”




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