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From a Former Wildcat

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The following is an e-mail sent to Coach Greg Owens from former Wildcat Paul Lawrence, who played in the mid-70s. It expresses the sentiments from thousands of former athletes.


Coach Owens & Team --

I'm sure you are receiving many emails like this one but I feel compelled to write anyways.  As a former player (varsity '76 - '77), I want to make sure you and your team know what a privilege it has been for me, and all other former players, to have followed your success this season.  I was so excited in the '90s to watch this team under Coach Cameron and later follow some of those same players into the higher collegiate level as well as the NFL.

Living outside of Philadelphia, I had the opportunity to welcome Tyreo Harrison into my home shortly after he was drafted by the Eagles.  After all these years and no matter where life takes you, SSHS just simply stays a part of who you are.

Every one of your players who steps onto that field this Saturday in San Antonio carries with them every former SSHS player who once dreamed to be where they are.  As that Blue and Gold jersey is pulled overhead, it not only dresses ONE young man, but thousands of former players who wore that same jersey generations before.  The stadium seats that day will be well represented with many of those former players.  One of them will be me, all the way from Philadelphia.  And in my wallet will be a photo of my late father-in-law, former SSHS football player and Wildcat season ticket holder for almost 50 years.  Your men will be playing for him too.  I think they should know that.  As I mentioned before, SSHS stays a part of who you are.

Simply because of their age, none of your players can fully grasp how fortunate they are and what future meaning this has on the rest of their lives, no matter the outcome.  Cherish what this special day will do for you and your memories all your days ahead.  Play like you will never play again, because for many of you, you won't.  Have fun.

Paul Lawrence

SSHS Class of 1978

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